The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) said earlier on Wednesday that information on the aggravation of the corona epidemic and regional recommendations and restrictions will be sent to the subscriptions of telephone operators operating in Finland via text message.

The sending of messages has started during Wednesday and some Finns have already received the text message in question.

In addition to Finnish and Swedish, the text messages have also been sent in English and Northern Sámi.

Such a text message itself is:

  • STM informs: The corona situation in Finland is becoming more difficult.

    Protect yourself and others.

    Check the recommendations and restrictions in your area:

  • SHM informerar: Coronavirusläget i Finland försämras.

    Skydda dig själv och andra.

    See regional recommendations and guidelines:

  • MSAH Epidemic alert: COVID-19 is worsening in Finland.

    Protect yourself & others.

    Please follow regional recommendations & restrictions.

    Read more

  • SDM Koronadiedahus: Epidemic dill in Finland.

    Suddje iezat ja earaid.

    Cuovo guovllut avzzuhusaid and raddjehusaid.


STM has stated that it has agreed to send messages with telephone operators and the Emergency Response Center.