Berlin (dpa / bb) - Because he is said to have participated in his wife's drug deals, a 66-year-old is standing in front of the Berlin district court.

He had helped out in a few cases and sold drugs to friends and acquaintances from the shared apartment in the Kreuzberg district, the man said on Thursday at the start of the process.

"My wife told me who was going to come over and what I should ask for," said the pensioner.

He tolerated his wife's drug trafficking and occasionally helped.

"I have made a big mistake."

The police had seized around 38 kilograms of marijuana in ten Spanish potato chip boxes in the couple's apartment in August 2019.

The drugs were smuggled by other drug dealers and stored temporarily in the apartment, it said in the current process.

In addition, almost 4,000 ecstasy tablets, around three kilograms of hashish and more than 100 grams of cocaine were seized.

The defendant's wife has already been sentenced to three and a half years in prison in an earlier trial.

Her son, who received two years and three months' imprisonment, was also co-accused in the first hearing in spring 2020.

The then 58-year-old woman had stated in her confession about the ten boxes that she had "let herself be spread out" and allowed temporary storage without compensation.

The husband's trial for aiding and abetting drug trafficking will continue on December 10th.