Last year, Ivo closed three HVB homes, homes for care or housing for children and young people, who were criticized for serious misconduct.

There are strict requirements in the law that homes must be run with good quality and safety.

This means that there are special requirements for the director's competence and that other staff must have appropriate training and experience.

Other criticized HVB homes that were closed did so mainly for financial reasons.

Six homes closed last year because they went bankrupt, four closed down on their own initiative.

Inappropriate representatives are allowed to drive home

Deficiencies in how they manage themselves financially are a reason for Ivo to withdraw a permit to run an HVB home.

Still, SVT finds among the criticized homes another home where the owners are in debt and have problems with finances.

Another home has been considered unsuitable because the company representatives have run HVB homes without a permit.

The representatives remain, and they are allowed to continue to run another home with established malpractices.

- This is new information that we need to get in that case, says Annelie Andersson, inspector at Ivo.

"Applies to child safety"

Now Ivo wants more resources and greater opportunities to review:

- It concerns the safety and security of these children, says Annelie Andersson.