Nothing speaks against broad studies on discrimination and racism in our society.

There are two evils that have no place in our free and democratic community.

But they do exist, and we are all determined to fight them - preferably on the basis of clear evidence of how studies could produce them.

However, I resist focusing solely on the police.

Because this narrowing places the police officers under a tremendous general suspicion, which the women and men do not deserve, who turn their heads every day for the safety of us all.

They protect law and order, our democracy, our freedom.

That is why they do not deserve hatred, contempt and violence, but trust, thanks and respect.

For the Baden-Württemberg police, I did not leave the generalizing accusations in the room, which were made by the federal chairman of the SPD, among others.

I ordered an investigation of the past five years, the results of which have been available for weeks: The result is crystal clear, the Baden-Württemberg police have no structural discrimination or racism problem.

Anyone who claims otherwise is doing so for ideological reasons and without any objective basis.


One thing is of course particularly important to me in the study planned by Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Something we should be ashamed of.

"Anti-Semitism can be found everywhere on hygiene demonstrations"

The assassination attempt in Halle shows that anti-Semitism has by no means disappeared in Germany, says Stefan Lauer, right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism expert at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

He describes the case as "the tip of the iceberg" - and names current examples.

Source: WORLD

It is simply a shame that today, in 2020, Jewish people in Germany have to worry about whether or not they will reveal themselves to the public as Jews.

It is a shame that synagogues have to be under police protection.

Anyone who comes to terms with it surrenders to the enemies of our free society.

We must neither ignore nor accept the open and latent anti-Semitism in our society.

Freedom of belief is an essential part of our constitution, the Basic Law.

And we have a special historical responsibility for Jewish life and in the fight against anti-Semitism.

The Shoah is an incredible, terrible crime against humanity.

I am deeply grateful, we can all be deeply grateful that Jewish life and Jewish culture are enriching our country again today.

That is why it was, is and remains my heartfelt concern that we wage a determined fight against anti-Semitism.

It is our responsibility to society as a whole to ensure at all times that Jews can live safely in Germany.


It is only right if there is now a broad study from the Federal Ministry of the Interior on discrimination and racism in our society.

However, it would be incomplete on a very important point if it did not deal with one focus of anti-Semitism - anti-Semitism and the extremism from which it proceeds, whether right, left or Islamist.

I am ashamed of anti-Semitism in Germany.

We will never accept that there is this madness on our streets.

I am ashamed that in Germany you cannot safely take to the streets with the kippah.

Source: picture alliance / dpa

Thomas Strobl is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg, and also Deputy Head of the CDU in Germany.