What if Emmanuel Macron became a writer when he left the Elysee?

This is a possibility considered by the President of the Republic.

This is in any case what the political journalist Corinne Lhaïk tells, in her book "President Burglar", for which she carried out more than a hundred interviews with people who worked with Emmanuel Macron.

Before becoming an investment banker and then entering politics, Emmanuel Macron had other ambitions: he dreamed of becoming a writer.

This is what the journalist from



 Corinne Lhaïk learned, when she interfered in the president's daily life to draw her intimate portrait in the book

Burglar President.

 She was Wednesday noon at the microphone of Patrick Cohen, on Europe 1, where she told several anecdotes about the president. 

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Emmanuel Macron has already written his first novel, narrating an adventure in Latin America, long before he entered politics.

But this book remained in the cupboards, says Corinne Lhaïk.

“Initially, I wanted to be a writer,” the president even told students during a trip to India in 2018.

"You'll see, it's a UFO"

And the head of state would even already be ready to return to his primary ambition when he left the Elysee Palace, Brigitte Macron would have confided to Corinne Lhaïk.

"He wrote a second. She (Brigitte Macron) told me that this novel was dedicated to an elderly, enigmatic lady. I immediately thought of Emmanuel Macron's grandmother. I asked her. the question but she replied that it was not that. 'It's much more complicated, you will see, it is a UFO' she told me. And she waits impatiently for her husband be out of the Elysee Palace for this novel to be published, "says the political journalist at the microphone of Patrick Cohen. 

For Corinne Lhaïk, Brigitte Macron dreams of her husband "as a writer and he too dreams of himself as a writer. I don't know if he has the qualities, but it is a kind of Grail for him that he dreams of reaching" .