The snowstorm was so thick that the visibility was only twenty meters.

However, experienced hikers Liisa and Tuomo Peltola did not hesitate.

They had decided to make a four-day hike to Halti Mountain.

The area was familiar to two experienced navigators.

- We had made hikes of 100–150 kilometers in the same landscapes, Peltolat says at home in Lieto.

On the way to Halti, it was planned to spend the night in Lossujärvi's cabin.

It was a three- to four-hour ski trip from the roadside.

The route was familiar, so the thick Tuisku was not scary.

- Everything felt natural.

Then we skied unnoticed to a situation from which there was no easy return, Tuomo says.

Had to spend the night in a snow pit.

In the morning, Peltolat decided to look for a reindeer fence on the border between Finland and Norway.

It runs close to Lossujärvi cabin.


 It is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life when Tuomo was nowhere to be found.

This seems to be alone in the middle of the Lapland wilderness.

In the thick pursuit, the couple was momentarily lost from each other.

Tuisku quickly blew the tracks of the skis into the invisible.

- It is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life when Tuomo was nowhere to be found.

This seems to be alone in the middle of the Lapland wilderness.

Snowy whiteness surrounded everything, but the couple found each other.

Reindeer fences were also found.

The duo thought they had come to the fence by following Lossujärvi.

However, no lake was found.

They decided to return to the reindeer fence.

Another night went in the snow pit.

- Still, we weren't lost, we just hadn't gotten there, Tuomo reminds.

His condition deteriorated as the next day progressed.

This was apparently a problem of food absorption.

Lisa had to go seek help.

Tuomo waited.

- I fell asleep at the thought that Liisa was coming soon.

Visibility had improved, but as darkness descended, Liisa could not find her way back to her husband.

Without a background in endurance sports, Tuomo Peltola would not have survived. Photo: Bo Stranden

- I slowly skied a little loop all night.

There was a biscuit and a little raisins in his pocket.

I had no worries.

I was at ease.

The scenery was great.

It feels crazy to say, but I enjoy the scenery.

The morning turned sunny.

Liisa chose the direction in which she believed help could be found.

- I skied maybe a quarter when it felt like this was not the right direction.

I turned and left in a completely different direction.

Liisa skied directly to Lossujärvi cabin.

- It was skiing that you can't and can't do, but Liisa skied it, Tuomo is amazed.

There were no signs of people, but the cabin was warm.

- The fire burned in the fireplace.

It had to be right to see if it was true or a wine drug.

It could have been that too.

Liisa had been on the skis for 31 consecutive hours.

He examined the cabin as the door slammed.

- At the door stood a man in a long nest with a swamp threaded over his neck and shoulders.

The man was like a western movie.

The man asked where Lisa's goods were.

Liisa replied that her husband is also in the fell and there.

Unsurprisingly, the man jumped aboard his snowmobile and disappeared into the snowy terrain following Liisa's trail.

- He is a routine tracker and finally saw with binoculars three black dots on the slope, me and two backpacks, Tuomo says.

Discoverer Ole-Thomas Baal first thought Tuomo was dead.

No wonder, as the body temperature had dropped to 22 degrees.

At that temperature a person should no longer live.


 According to the doctors, without a background in endurance sports, Tuomo would not have survived.

Tuomo was picked up by helicopter at Tromsø Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of hypothermia patients.

He was connected to a heart lung machine that slowly heats the blood until the patient recovers or dies.

Usually deceives the heart.

60 percent of those under 28 can be saved.

22 degrees is the third lowest temperature from which human life has been able to be saved in Tromsø.

Liisa fell asleep in the lodge.

He was woken up by an alarmed Norwegian Red Cross patrol.

Liisa was also taken to Tromsø for research.

According to Tuomo, there were no mental traumas left from what happened.

As a result of the frostbite, he lost part of his toes.

Pieces of small and large intestine also had to be removed.

It has not prevented it from going.

In the autumn, Tuomo won the Finnish Championship gold medal in the veteran series H75.

For his active years, he holds the Finnish championship, three Jukola victories and one Tiomila.

- According to doctors, without a background in endurance sports, Tuomo would not have survived, Liisa says.

Liisa and Tuomo Peltola are experienced hikers. Photo: Bo Stranden

He is known as a multiple World Orienteering medalist of Veijalainen.

Otto Heikola directed the documentary Hikers about Peltolo's mountain adventure.

It was awarded Best Nordic Film at the Nordic Adventure Film Festival in Copenhagen at the end of November.

- Hikers are by no means a heroic story.

More impressive moments were the passages filmed at Tromsø Hospital when we go to thank the hospital staff, Tuomo says.