The Finnish women's national football team's great but special victory over Scotland in the European Championship qualifiers confused the Finnish football nation.

Finland decided the victory at the end of the time, when the national team debutant Amanda Rantanen, who was only a minute away, got a counterattack.

Scott's goalkeeper Lee Alexander hunt a clearance of Rantasen but he sent it outside. '

The Finnish players ran to hug from Ranta, who had broken into tears.

It is unclear whether the tears were due to happiness, the significance of the moment for the young footballer, the pain, or all of these.

Football coach Marianne Miettinen summed up the last seconds of the match in one sentence on Twitter.

- Absolutely classic stuff, he said.

Rapper and media personality Tommy Lindgren didn’t have to stay in his pants.



Former Minister of Sports, Member of Parliament and well-known football fan Paavo Arhinmäki (left) also gave birth to emotions on Twitter.

Among the politicians, the former chairman of the Greens, the current MEP Ville Niinistö, took the joy out of the last moments of the game.

Antti Lindtman, the chairman of the SDP's parliamentary group, did the same.

Footballer Mika Väyrynen, who has already finished his career, congratulated Amanda Ranta on her debut and winning goal.

- If this goes to the Games, then it is a 'face of God' goal, wrote Jumppa Hällfors referring to Diego Maradona's legendary Hand of God goal.

The difference between Maradona's and Rantanen's goals is, of course, that Rantanen's goal was in full compliance with all the rules.

With the victory, Finland secured its place at least in the European Championship qualifiers.

Finland leads the block with a goal difference in equal points with Portugal.

The block winners advance directly to the tournament, as do the top three block runners-up.

The remaining group runners-up will play in the qualifiers.

Finland is at least second in its block.

In practice, the victory will be decided by the encounter between Finland and Portugal early next year.

As the Finns glow their victory, the opponent Scotland has a completely different voice on the clock.

Scotland was the group's favorite when it came to the qualifiers, but the loss to Finland means that Scotland will not have the opportunity to enter the competition.

In Scotland, the defeat was received with gloom.

For example, in the BBC's follow-up sense, journalist Jordan Elgott sums up the feelings of Scots as follows:

- This is not the end result we wanted, and it happened in the most torturous way possible.

Scotland will not appear in the finals of the 2022 Women’s European Championships.

- This will happen for a while.

This feels like a missed opportunity.

But there are still many reasons to be optimistic about the future of women’s football in Scotland, and it continues to flourish despite this setback.