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Seville, 1974. Actor-director-author,

Paco León

has just presented in a Son Estrella Galicia 'masterclass' the video clip he directed for Soleá Morente, while he was finishing the filming of his first Hollywood film, together with Nicolas Cage.

I interviewed Soleá Morente a week before the state of alarm. She had a cold and said she had just been with you and told you not to come near you, in case it was coronavirus, because she would have heard bells. But it was a joke: in March I didn't take it as seriously as I do now, of course. What led to her? I admire Soleá a lot and we wanted to do something together. He taught me that theme he had, 'What you lack', with lyrics by La Bien Querida, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do an experiment. My admired Pilar Albarracín, who is an artist who is always ironic with folkloric iconography, got caught up in it. And it seemed perfect to me to mix with Soleá, which makes this post-flamenco so refreshing. Why the prominence of the bata de cola in the video? It is a song that empowers, to push forward. For me it is a metaphor for femininity and how difficult it is sometimes for women to do everything. And there is something sporty about that thing with the bata de cola, about carrying something that weighs a little more, the steering wheels and all that. And putting Laura Díaz, who is an Olympic gymnast, to do all those stunts in a gown was daring. There is something interesting about mixing sports with folklore. Maybe he has invented a new sports discipline, like the Pride high heels race in Chueca ... [Laughter] Just as in rhythmic gymnastics there are clubs, ball and ribbon, Well now bata de cola. And with a Manila shawl, which is even more complicated. He has been filming in Croatia and Hungary, 'The unbearable weight of massive talent'. How are you? It has been an experience for me. Working with a living legend like Nicolas Cage and with actors like Pedro Pascal, Tiffany Haddish, Sharon Horgan ... There was an international cast that we have become very friends with, also due to the complication of filming in a pandemic, with a lot of protocol from Covid and PCR almost daily. And even so there have been positive setbacks within the shoot, which made it more complicated, because they caused stoppages. It is very brave for the producers to also launch a shoot, which is sometimes very complicated without a pandemic, well more with it.After being the head of a mouse with your most personal projects, what is it like to be a lion's tail again? ? It is also interesting to leave your circle of comfort and see yourself again where no one knows you, where you no longer come with the backpack of being who you are, but you are an actor who has been caught by a casting. It's also my first time acting in English. How about that? Good, but very complicated. It's been like a blind act thing, but also a lot of fun. You never know what you do when you roll until you see the result. Well, this more. Does it call you going to Los Angeles? The truth is that I had no interest in making a Hollywood movie or working in English, because I don't even speak it. And this has been really cool. Hopefully it will be repeated. I'm wide open, but it's not on my agenda. What gets me the most is doing new things. And when you have already traveled a path, it becomes more and more difficult. 'Mom or Dad' has also shot in a pandemic. What attracted you about the project? That it is a film that de-dramatizes the issue of divorces a bit. And make bad parents who screw their children. And working with Dani de la Orden, who is one of the directors who best do this type of comedy in Spain. How would you define your attitude during these months? God willing, and everything goes on, I'm going to make like five pandemic movies, I'm not going to stop. In the confinement I made a short film with a mobile phone and I think that it is in my character not to stop with whatever. And now this is shit, and it's very uncomfortable and suddenly everything becomes more complicated. But I think the same thing we were talking about in the Soleá video, because this is also a little weight, a stone in your shoe or having your leg tied. But you have to continue, lame or with pesos or whatever. Life cannot stop in the face of this war that we have had to live, which is not a war, but has its dead and we are getting used to living with it. There are many countries that live like this, that live in war and people fall in love anyway, people laugh and people fuck ... Now it has to be with masks because they play like that. towel? It is true that sometimes you sink and get depressed. I am very lucky that it did not affect me too much, but there are many people who are very screwed up. That also encourages you to continue doing comedies, because of that thing about artists entertaining people and making them run away. Art also has something therapeutic also in difficult moments like this. What art interests you? The one that makes you think, provokes you and takes you to fantasy worlds. An alternative to reality. When this is so dodgy, the art is very good. How will this "dodgy" affect us? It is very difficult to measure to what extent this is going to undermine us, what repercussions it will have. But also, looking at history a bit and over many generations, ours has been the only one that has not suffered a war. In addition, life can handle everything and if things get more complicated it challenges us to be more ingenious. Optimistic. There are people who give themselves to tense up and be more selfish, but they also move many beautiful things, they become more supportive and value is given to things that were not seen before. The other does not take you to many beautiful places. Well, justify your grumpy Smurf. There are reasons to throw yourself off the balcony or to celebrate: choose. Months ago, Vox denigrated the "puppeteers" in front of the farmers and you responded to the 'green' party. I admit that I had the clumsiness to enter the rag. There are very great nonsense that it is better not to take into account. Because they want to face people. How can you despise the bread of so many families? It is very ugly and it seems to me a political irresponsibility. But hey, I prefer to put the earplugs on, because if you go in it's worse: you get infected. There are many things that take a lot of work to ignore, because they outrage you, but it is much more practical to ignore.

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