Mali: finally non-restrictive measures against the coronavirus

The measures taken by the Malian government against the government will ultimately not be restrictive (Illustrative image).

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Text by: David Baché

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Finally, we know the measures decided by the authorities to fight against the spread of Covid-19.

After the speech announced and then canceled at the last moment by President Bah N'Daw on Monday evening, a Higher National Defense Council finally met Tuesday afternoon at the Koulouba Palace.

In the end, it's a bit of the mountain that gives birth to a mouse.


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None of the drastic measures envisaged at first has been adopted ... No curfew, no closure of schools, restaurants, or markets.

What was finally decided were simple “reinforcements” of the systems already in place: reinforcement of prevention in public spaces, through hand washing, reinforcement of surveillance and screening, reinforcement of awareness, patient care capacities.

Avoid a new challenge

Authorities are choosing the gentle way to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which has accelerated in recent days.

No restrictive or binding measure.

This is what the Malians expected.

And this is undoubtedly what prevailed when making these choices.

The text of the speech to be delivered by the president on Monday evening had "leaked" before its release, and the measures envisaged immediately raised fears, particularly on the economic front.

This spectacular turnaround can be seen as the mark of an unpreparedness, of a visual navigation of the authorities, who radically change their strategy overnight.

It can also be seen as a mark of listening and attention.

The authorities finally conformed to the expectations of public opinion, thus avoiding a new front of contestation.

In this period already loaded on the social level, with serial strikes, and political, with the installation always awaited and always controversial, of the future National Transitional Council.

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