EH Bildu, budgetary partner of the PSOE in Madrid and Navarra

, has called for the creation of a

"Confederal Basque Republic"

as a proposal on the eve of the celebration of Navarra Day.

Bakartxo Ruiz and Joseba Asirón

, spokespersons for the sovereignist coalition in the Provincial Parliament and the Pamplona City Council, have been in charge of defending the implementation of a

"new path with the rest of the Basque territories"

that would have the goal of establishing a Independent state between these two Spanish autonomous communities.

"We want a Confederal Basque Republic", Asirón, former mayor of Pamplona, ​​read in Castilian before the celebration

of Navarra Day



"We say it clearly,"

stressed the representative of Arnaldo Otegi's party in the provincial community, who reiterates the political objective of establishing a new State made up of Navarra and the Basque Country.

According to EH Bildu, "Navarra cannot live with its back to other Basque territories", ignoring that the Basque Government has institutionalized in recent years both the political relations with the so



Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra Euroregion

, the multiple

bilateral relations

between the Urkullu governments and the former president Uxue Barkos and with

the capture of the Basque radio and television throughout the provincial community


EH Bildu's sovereign declaration to establish a Confederal Basque Republic occurs in the final process of approval of the general state budgets that will have its support.

In addition, the

Arnaldo Otegi


has consolidated its political relevance in Navarra after the decision of President María Chivite to make him her parliamentary partner, ignoring the offer of Navarra Suma (the coalition of UPN, PP and C's) that facilitated the approval of the you have nothing in return.

EH Bildu now vindicates the Confederate Basque Republic with the argument that

"sovereignty and justice go together"

, a political message used by the coalition after the legalization process of the Abertzale Left with the initials of Sortu.

Both the political brands of

Herri Batasuna and ETA have historically demanded the constitution of a sovereign State

made up of the Basque Country, Navarra and the French Basque Country.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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