▲ House where children were rescued 

Two American two-year-olds and three-year-olds were rescued after being trapped in a house like a garbage dump.

However, the mothers of children caught by the police were reported to be more concerned about the condition of the cats and spiders that they had as pets than their children.

According to foreign media such as Fox News on the 2nd, two boys aged 2 to 3 years old in Ohio, USA, were trapped in a dirty room surrounded by flies and swarmed beds last weekend and were rescued by the police after a local report.

A neighbor saw and reported a child hanging from a window on the second floor.

The police who visited the scene said, "It was a really miserable situation, and it was the worst house I've ever seen. Hundreds of flies flew around the house," he said.

According to a police investigation, it was confirmed that Marsha Ortiz, 27, the mother of the children, went to work at 5 am, leaving the young children unattended without food or care.

The children hadn't eaten anything from the evening before Thanksgiving.

One child was naked and looked poorly malnourished, and the other was as young as a newborn baby, wearing only a red t-shirt.

The mother of the child was arrested for violating the Child Welfare Act and possessing drugs, but she did not explain any reason for neglecting her children and just said she did not know.

Instead, police said she was more concerned that it would be okay for cats and spiders to keep pets.

(Photo = Police Twitter Capture, Yonhap News)