Distance dance lesson, what comes to mind?

Of course, the year 2020!

Laptop at the corner of the table, carpet rolled aside.

Some music from there far from the ballroom might, with good will, be heard.

There is too little space.

The atmosphere does not rise as high as it does at its best during a dance class.

But the longing for distance issues in the year can also see the positive aspects.

If anyone can do it, then it is dance teacher Noora Kauhanen, 31, who lives in Tampere.

- Yes, I think there are opportunities in online teaching: now everyone who wants to can take a class, no matter where they live.

At Noorakoobellydance, you can study a unique concept: bellydance with metal music, oriental dance to the beat of metal music.

The species was created by Noora.

He started teaching it at the end of last year in halls all over Finland.

After a good start, Noora ran into the same challenge as the rest of the world: the coronavirus plunged into group hobbies as an uninvited guest.

Now we dance with a small group in Tampere and also online.

- After all, it's a different thing live, when the music is loud, there is contact with people, you get into flow mode!

Of course, I hope life returns to normal.

For entrepreneurs, 2020 has been a rough year.

Even Noora's business is quieter now than it would be in normal times, but she's not anxious about money.

- I'm in that sense perhaps an exceptional entrepreneur that I am not thinking so much business like a dance.

For me, dance is an art and the best in life.

I have never dreamed of anything that money can get.

I'll do it, and that's enough.

Forced to go to the army

Dance has always been involved in Noora’s life, but she’s actually working on it in her second career.

The previous profession was from a different world: Noora has worked at Patria as an aircraft mechanic and non-commissioned officer in the Air Force headquarters.

- I have had two passions since I was a child: dancing and aviation.

My childhood home was in Northern Savonia next to the Air Force training area, and I fell in love with airplanes when I was little, Noora says.

In her twenties, Noora set out to pursue the profession of dancer first.

The place of study was not detached from the school in the field.

In hindsight, it was a kick of luck.

- I thought, well, I'm looking for something I don't know yet.

I got to Rissala to read as an aircraft mechanic.

It was absolutely wonderful, a small school.

Flying itself was not in Noora's dreams.

He was fascinated by technology in airplanes: how small particles form a wonderful whole that stays in the air.


 I realized that the weld, so I have to visit the army as well.

After graduation, Noora got a job in the field and moved to Tikkakoski, Patria's aircraft fitter.

There he figured out what he really wanted to do when he was big.

- I decided that one day I am still in the Air Force at work.

At the same time, I realized that the weld, so I have to visit the army as well.

Otherwise, it would not have occurred to it.

Army time was no pleasure for a man driven not so much by the spirit of national defense as by a career dream.

- With a more affectionate and gentle nature, it was not an easy place.

I had to think every day that you could handle it now, because of your dream job.

While in the military, Noora noticed that the work of a mechanic had to be forgotten in the future: she had become sensitive to some chemicals in aircraft and began to get symptoms from many different substances, from hair dyes.

Fortunately, the new dream career came true a few years later, and Noora found as if she had found herself in the Air Force bread.

- And it was really wonderful to achieve a dream.

Unfortunately, I must not talk about the content of the work other than that it was related to the control of Finnish airspace.

Does Noora, like Noora, sound straightforward?

Follow your passions - decide what you want to do - apply for exactly those jobs?

- It just sounds easy.

Really, there were many years and setbacks between the decision and the realization of the dream.

But I was just determined.

One dream, seen

In addition to her work and studies, Noora had been taking dance and gym classes since she was a teenager.

Her favorite sport was oriental dance.

Noora had fun practicing dancing on her own, observing body movements and analyzing what small changes do to the trajectories.

At the same time, with years of self-study, he became creating his own teaching method.

Even before the Air Force dream, in 2013, it was close that Noora did not become a dance school entrepreneur.

The start-up money had been applied for and the facilities looked at your own hall.

- But then there was some anxiety.

I had just studied to be a mechanic and it felt like that card had to be looked at, however, the moment was not right.

For the wound Noora decided to go another path.

Five years later, life was actually complete.

It was a regular job, a rewarding dance hobby, and the career would have had opportunities to advance as well.

However, they did not feel their own.

- I had kind of achieved what I wanted.

There was nothing wrong with working in the Air Force - that dream had just been seen.

In the fall summer of 2019, Noora suddenly got the idea.

What if he combined his own favorite music and favorite dance?

What would an oriental dance sound to the beat of Children of Bodom?

- Surely all the friends of metal music have danced to its beat at home.

But I haven’t heard others teach Oriental dance to metal music - that’s my thing.

Now Noora had an idea that no one else had come up with yet.

Would it be time for a new business?

Noora needs a problem solution from her old job. Photo: Riina Peuhu

Joke what freedom!

Last autumn, Noora did what many secretly dream of: resigned from a safe job.

- Joke what a feeling of freedom!

Suddenly no one was giving a shift list and telling me where to be at what time.

It was important for Noora that her new working life be completely independent.

He did not want to sell his concept to dance schools but rented halls for his own use.

- I'm full hermit in these works.

I want to do my thing quite independently: when it comes to my own fruit of creativity, I don’t want it to be criticized!

The start-up of the company went well.

Noora got help from her entrepreneurial parents with practical issues, and guys who know how to market som helped with advertising.

Customers found it comfortable for the lessons.

Oriental dance classes were attended by enthusiasts of both metal music and oriental dance.

Another concept taught by Noora, feminine energy dance, on the other hand, is gentler and gathers people with yoga spirit.

Compared to former working life, the change was big - other than that everything was now in their own hands.

Where the former work community used to be very masculine, now Noora works with women.

No man has yet ventured into Noora’s dance class.


 I guess that, too, was a stupid solution in the eyes of many, that I quit a nice and safe workplace.

The leap from aviation to feminine energy looks wild to outsiders, but Noora sees no contradiction in it.

She has never had to covet her femininity in the past, and she doesn’t remember encountering sexism in male-dominated workplaces.

- I've always been working on a gentleman.

And if you think about my current job, feminine energy can be anything.

It doesn’t have to be pink and floral.

Noora doesn’t think at all that she would have made particularly original decisions.

At home, he was always encouraged to make decisions according to what he was interested in.

And no one has ever told her that a girl can’t be interested in airplanes or technology.

Making according to ready-made models has never been Noora's thing.

- I guess that was a stupid solution in the eyes of many, that I gave up a nice and safe workplace.

Many guys have commented that they would not dare to try.

I think you should dare: here you are meant to be happy.

Next maybe hole treatments?

Noora is still happy that she dared to become an entrepreneur.

However, the state of emergency would soon end in order to get to work properly - now things are running at half power.

Right now, Noora does not have the same, clear dream of the future as the Air Force used to have.

But he feels that there could still be something to see in the field of dance.

In Korona time, we have time to promote other projects.

Noora is studying to become a teacher of Reiki energy therapies, and the Open University also offered a couple of interesting courses in aircraft engineering.

For fun, Noora studies a little about hydraulic systems and electrical systems.

- There must always be something that takes you forward.

Sometimes I miss problem solving from old jobs - even though I get it in a way when thinking about choreographies.

Teaching dance, on the other hand, has its own good things.

Noora wants to offer her students the same sense of freedom she experiences while dancing.

Dancing can be therapeutic.

- Someone may be wrong in life and the only thing he can do freely is that he comes to dance class.

I get to offer him the moment he feels good.

It feels important.

Noora Kauhanen

The dancer and entrepreneur was born in 1988 in Rautavaara, Northern Savonia and now lives in Tampere.

Founded Noorakoobellydance in 2019. Now runs Bellydance with metal music and Feminine energy dancing classes.

Dreams of a life full of love and dance.