US Justice Minister Bill Barr said on Tuesday he had not found sufficient "fraud" to invalidate Joe Biden's presidential victory.

Donald Trump claimed that the ballot was tainted with fraud, without ever providing the slightest evidence to support his point. 

US Justice Minister Bill Barr said on Tuesday that he had not found sufficient "fraud" to invalidate Joe Biden's presidential victory, contrary to Donald Trump's claims.

"At this point, we have not seen fraud on a scale likely to change the outcome of the election," said this staunch supporter of the Republican president in an interview with the American agency Associated Press. 

No machines programmed to distort the election 

"There have been allegations of systematic fraud, according to which machines have been programmed to distort the results of the elections," he recalled.

But the Ministries of Homeland Security and Justice "have investigated and, so far, have found nothing to back them up."

At midday Tuesday, Bill Barr was spotted in the White House, and many commentators were speculating that he might be leaving the government.


Presidential election: new failure for Trump in a court in Pennsylvania

Massive fraud according to Donald Trump

Donald Trump, who refuses to concede his defeat, had criticized Sunday the Department of Justice and the federal police for not helping him in his fight to prove the existence of fraud, according to him massive.

"They are missing," he said on Fox News.

"There is a growing tendency to use the justice system as a tool to sort out all problems and when people are unhappy with something they wait for the Department of Justice to come in and 'investigate'," said Bill Barr.

This conservative minister had so far refrained from contradicting the president.

In early November, he authorized federal prosecutors to investigate suspicions of fraud without waiting for the certification of the results by the states, contrary to custom.

But he had called on them to intervene only in the event of "substantial" and "credible" allegations.