▲ Members of a German civic group protesting'Protecting the Berlin Girl Award'

The'Girl of Peace' is expected to stay forever in Germany's capital Berlin.

Berlin's Mitte-gu Council Chairman Frank Werthermann said in local time on the 1st, "The resolution to preserve the Peace Girl Statue in memory of the victims of sexual violence has been resolved by majority vote."

31 members of the council participated in the vote, 24 voted in favor, and 5 opposed.

In an explanation of the agenda, former member of the leftist party Tilo Urhis pointed out that "the statue of peace is based on a specific historical fact that the Japanese military's sexual violence against Korean women during World War II."

In addition, he stressed, "In wars or military disputes, sexual violence is not a one-time issue, but a structural problem, and should be fundamentally prevented."

Earlier, the Mite-gu Office approved the installation of the girl statue in honor of the victims of Japanese military comfort women in July last year, acknowledging that it is an issue of the human rights of women victims of international war.

However, after the installation of the girl statue, the Japanese side protested the German government and the state government of Berlin, and the Mitte-gu office issued an order for the demolition on October 7th. When he filed a request for temporary injunction with the administrative court to suspend the demolition order, Mate-gu took a step back, withholding the demolition order.

Since then, the Mitegu Council adopted a resolution on the 7th of last month to withdraw the demolition order.

(Photo = Yonhap News)