The 19-year-old is sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, while the 17-year-old is sentenced to closed juvenile care for nine months.

The aggravated assault took place at an HVB home in central Norrköping on the night between 16 and 17 September this year.

The two convicts suspected the victim of having "gossiped" to the police regarding a robbery at midsummer 2019.


They beat the victim and tore hair from his head.

Then a pair of bolt cutters was fetched with which they threatened to cut off his fingers.

Meanwhile, it was also said that the victim would be taken out into the woods and shot.

The victim has felt very bad after the assault and is described by his brother as "an emotional wreck."

In the judgment, the district court describes the abuse as "protracted and sadistic" and that it was carried out by two much stronger people.

The convicts also filmed and published parts of the process in a group chat.

Convicted of several crimes

In addition to the above crimes, the 19-year-old is also convicted of another assault that is said to have been completely unprovoked.

He denies the crime, but has also been convicted several times before of similar crimes.

He is now also convicted of aggravated unlawful threats, theft, assault in court and money laundering.

The 17-year-old also already appears in the load register.

He is now also convicted of all of the above, except for money laundering.

Both perpetrators must remain in custody until the verdict becomes final.

The district court also comes with very harsh criticism of the HVB home where the aggravated assault was committed.

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