The younger of the two convicted (see article above) was placed at the HVB home until he was arrested on September 28 this year.

He was suspected of using drugs and those suspicions were confirmed during a sampling.

And even though he was not a driving force in the assault, he has: "With life and desire participated in a clearly disgusting assault", it says in the verdict.

Regarding the HVB home itself, it reads as follows: "The district court can only be astonished by what has emerged in the case of that home."

According to them, the purpose of the placement was for the 17-year-old to have an orderly life with the opportunity to study and get away from criminal contacts.

Unauthorized persons slept over

The court suspected that people who were not registered at the home slept over there and during the police investigation, a mattress was found in an empty room.

The bolt cutters that were used to threaten the victim were also kept at home.

The convicted 19-year-old "could now, however, stay on XXXX unhindered and be the driving force in very serious crimes".

It has been established that there are only sleeping shelters in the home between 11 pm and 7 am. The verdict continues: "XXXX has shown a remarkably substandard structure and order as to what may occur within the four walls of the home."

It is also questioned that underage residents move freely outside at night without any supervision.