Saarbrücken (dpa / lrs) - At a special session, the Saarland state parliament is debating the corona pandemic today.

Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) will issue a government statement on the current situation.

The special session had been requested by the opposition Left Party.

Their parliamentary group chairman, Oskar Lafontaine, demanded that the state parliament be consulted before decisions on the restriction of fundamental rights.

The government passed a new ordinance on stricter corona rules on Friday, which came into force on Sunday.

Lafontaine said on Monday that if the state parliament is not dealt with these questions before the decisions of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister and not before the enactment of a statutory order, then this is "a disregard for parliament and unconstitutional".

In a statement on Monday, Hans welcomed the opportunity to “publicly explain the measures and put them up for discussion”.

Legislative, judicial and executive branches have to "work hand in hand to fight the pandemic": "This is all the more true in this difficult situation, in which there are few solutions that please everyone."