In Vallila, those living and moving near the Hattulantie campus of Stad Vocational College were able to admire a special light show on Tuesday morning.

Interior lights flashing in the institution half an hour's time indefinite morning providing wondered subject.

“Yes, it was a pretty remarkable sight when the whole house flickered,” says Petri Kuokka, who lives in a nearby house.

According to Kuoka, the flickering of the lights began in half of the eight countries and continued until just over eight.

The light show progressed by leaps and bounds.

At times, it seemed to run out, but then the lights started to turn on and off again.

"I sometimes read that somewhere is a joke written in a block of flats with illuminated windows words," Hoe says.

“Those lights came on in rhythm, as if someone had designed it, but not then.

I didn’t finally find regularity, even though I tried. ”

Hoe followed a strange phenomenon at the breakfast table with his wife.

Eventually, he grabbed the phone and recorded a clip of the show.

The video was taken from the wall on the Kangasalantie side of the college.

“It would be fun to know what the name of the job was.

Was it a practical joke of a caretaker or what, ”says Kuokka.

According to Markku Tyn, rector of the Hattulantie campus of Stad Vocational and Adult Education Center, there is nothing mystical about the light show.

“We installed lights in the morning and did tests.

There was an electrician here, ”says Tyni.

“In the dark, of course, it looks great.

The work was done early in the morning because it had to be done before the teaching started. ”