Parents of children attending the Suurpello kindergarten in Espoo are sponsored by special traffic arrangements in the area.

The construction site in the area has rebuilt the traffic arrangements.

Taking and picking up children tests the patience of parents, as there are only two places marked for that purpose that allow 15 minutes of parking.

Toni Kivinen from Espoo transports two children to daycare and back during the day.

He says that mornings in particular have become stressful.

Kindergarten children have to be taken inside, but there are no parking spaces at all.

Adjacent streets have very limited streetside seats.

“A new apartment building is being built next to the kindergarten, and the traffic seems to be poorly planned in principle.

There is, for example, truck traffic around the construction site.

In the mornings, you may have to prepare for standing in that car queue during peak hours, ”says Kivinen.

The worst rush hour is between eight in the morning and half past nine.

Some parents of kindergarteners park their cars at a street turning point just because there are no parking spaces.

The hose of the cars parked at the turning point, on the other hand, blocks both the turning point and the narrow street even further.

"From the point of view of those who travel by car, I hope that the turning point will be demolished and replaced by a parking lot that will allow 4 to 8 fifteen minutes of parking,” says Kivinen.

Liisa Parrila, director of the early childhood education unit at Suurpello Kindergarten, knows about the problem.

Two parking spaces are too few when there are 105 children in the kindergarten.

“I know that when this arrangement was designed, the solution has been thought to be that there are parking spaces around a hundred meters away that are designed for 24-hour parking.

However, they are not quite next to the kindergarten, so when moving with a child, the situation is not ideal. ”

It is also known to Parrila that some parents have received parking error payments when the car has been left in the parking lot at the turning point for an urgent pick-up.

He thinks many parents are annoyed by the fact that parking error charges have been written diligently.

He has heard of cases where parking fines have been written even when a parent has parked in one of these 15-minute places, but it has taken 20 minutes to take or pick up the child.

"It might be reasonable that in this situation, when there are only two marked parking spaces for short-term parking, no parking error charges would be issued."