The serious accident of French driver Romain Grosjean shocked the F1 world last Sunday.

Experienced Haas driver Grosjean, 34, collided with a fence surrounding the track at a speed of about 200 km / h on Sunday during the opening round of the Bahrain race.

The Frenchman's car caught fire and split in two due to the force of the collision.

Many were already afraid of the worst, but as if by a miracle, Grosjean’s clumsy fire in the middle of safety and eventually survived only with burns.

The F1 driver has now, for the first time, talked about his experience.

- I do not know if the word “miracle” can be used, but I would say in any case that it was not my time (to die), Grosjean said in a video interview with the French channel TF1.

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It took 28 seconds to escape the collision.

Crucial to the rescue was the fact that Grosjean did not lose consciousness due to the force of the violent blow but was able to open his seat belt and crank himself out of the car.

However, he had time to be in a car ignited by flames for a painful long time.

- It felt much longer than 28 seconds.

I saw my visor turn orange, I saw the flames on the left side of my car.

I’m thinking about a lot of things, like Niki Lauda and the fact that it’s not possible for a story to end that way, not now.

I couldn’t end my F1 story like that, Grosjean said.

F1 legend Niki Lauda was in a serious accident in 1976. He was rescued from a car on fire, but suffered severe fire and respiratory injuries.

- Then, for the sake of my children, I told myself I had to get out.

I got out and felt someone tear my suit.

From that, I knew I was outside, Grosjean recalled.

The ripper was physician Ian Roberts, who had rushed from the medical car, who played a crucial role in getting Grosjean out of the middle of the sea of ​​flame.

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Grosjean has three children with his wife Marion.

According to the F1 driver, five-year-old Simon had stated that his father had “magical powers” ​​and that a “magical shield of love” had protected him.

- My oldest child, seven-year-old Sacha, is more rational.

He is trying to understand.

And my youngest man drew a picture for me, “for a father with sore hands”.

Grosjean was injured in the accident.

- I was more scared of my family and friends than myself.

My children are the greatest pride of my life and a source of energy, Grosjean stated.

He admitted in an interview that he probably needs to talk to someone about the psychological trauma caused by the accident.

- I think some psychological work needs to be done, because I really saw death coming.

Even in Hollywood, we don’t see pictures like that.

It was the biggest accident I've ever seen, Grosjean said.

The F1 driver thanked for the messages he received.

He said he would like to run in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi on December 13th.

This coming weekend, Haas drivers will be followed by F1 debutant Pietro Fittipaldi.

If Grosjean gets permission to drive in Abu Dhabi, it will be his last GP as a Haas driver.

The Frenchman will not continue in the stable next season.

He does not yet have a contract with any other team for next season.

Grosjean said he was happy to be alive.

However, he doesn’t want to end his F1 career in a gruesome accident.

- It (an accident) was like a second birth.

The fact that I got out of the flames affects my life until the end of it.