The reporter learned from the National Space Administration: On November 30, the mission flight control team of the Lunar Exploration Project Chang'e-5 mission implemented the separation of the Chang'e-5 probe lander and ascender assembly from the orbiter and returner assembly as planned.

At 4:40 in the morning, under the precise control of scientific and technical personnel, the Chang'e-5 detector assembly separated smoothly.

Up to now, the detector systems are in good condition, and the ground measurement and control communication is normal. The orbiter and returner assembly will continue to fly on the lunar orbit with an average altitude of about 200 kilometers and wait for the ascender to rendezvous and dock, and the lander and ascender assembly The opportunity will be chosen to implement a soft landing on the lunar surface, and follow-up work such as automatic sampling.

  Feng Hua Duan Xun Ye Yutian