China News Service, November 30. According to Agence France-Presse, on the 30th local time, a judicial source said that four French police officers were charged for allegedly beating a black man in Paris and two of them were detained.

  According to previous reports, on November 21, the French black man and music producer Michel Zeckler was found by police on the streets of Paris without wearing a mask.

While Zeckler tried to return to his studio, three police officers entered and clashed with him.

Surveillance video circulating on the Internet showed that three police officers assaulted Zeckler, but Zeckler did not act violently against the law.

  During the conflict, Zeckler shouted for help and finally pushed three policemen out of the house with the help of his colleagues.

Unexpectedly, the police broke a window and threw a tear gas into the house.

The incident caused widespread concern in France.

  According to sources, the investigating judge prosecuted three police officers for "intentional use of violence by public servants" and "forgery".

Another police officer suspected of throwing tear gas at Zeckler's studio was charged with "deliberate violence."

Two police officers are currently in detention, and the other two are conditionally released.

  French media said that after the incident was exposed, it caused strong repercussions in French society.

Paris Mayor Hidalgo said: "I am deeply shocked by this intolerable behavior...fully support Michel." A source in the French government said that French President Macron held talks with Interior Minister Darmanin on the 26th, calling for Severe punishment for those who beat Michelle.