• Coronavirus, GPs: too many infected colleagues, studies left uncovered

  • Covid.

    189 doctors have died from the virus in Italy


November 30, 2020The latest in chronological order are Sergio Valente 59 years old Bolognese professional from Sant'Orsola and a 61 year old nurse from Catania from Paternò, at the Santissimo Salvatore hospital.

These are the names of the last nurses who have died since the start of the pandemic.

A mourning listing count of 50 people.  

Cases of infections

This was stated by Antonio De Palma, National President of the Nursing Up union.

According to De Palma in the 'second wave' there were major shortcomings.

Those who have updated themselves during the summer have done so on their own.

"Disorganization - underlines de Palma - the chronic shortages of personnel, the constant screening of health personnel which are only exceptions when they should be the rule, are opening up again a dramatic scenario, albeit with different figures than at the beginning".

A consolation could be the fact that due to the restrictions, infections of nurses have gone from an average of 500 per day at the beginning of the month, up to 200 in the last 48 hours.

"But if the disorganization continues - concludes De Palma announcing a series of mobilizations - we do not feel we can cultivate false hopes, on the contrary, we are alarmed and refuse at the thought of having to fight again without weapons".

20 pharmacists victims for Covid

Here too we start with a name, Enzo Bosso, 64 years old pharmacist in Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples.

Also in this case a victim of Covid.

According to the Federation of Orders of Italian Pharmacists, in a few days the number of victims has risen to 20.