In this dialogue, Canadian astrophysicist Hubert Reeves answered a series of questions from his followers and readers regarding the history and future of the universe, the meaning of life, his view of new generations and the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The dialogue was conducted by Cedric Garoufi and published in Le Temps, the Swiss French language newspaper, on November 9th.

In the dialogue, Garofi indicated that Hubert Reve is one of the most famous scientists in his field, and at the same time he is an advocate of environmental conservation and biological diversity, and in his writings he always tries to answer questions about the origin of the universe, distant worlds and how to protect the planet.

Energy and smart life

Regarding the possibility of obtaining energy sources from other unseen parts of the universe, Reeve believes that this is very possible, and it will be an excellent solution.

But until now humanity has not come up with practical solutions to go and search for this type of energy outside the planet.

Reeve predicts that the fate of space in the future will be somewhat similar to that of the Arctic, as it will not be subordinate to a specific person or country, and there will be efforts to maintain balance in this cosmic system.

At the moment there is talk of space conquest, but the term space exploration is best used.

In response to a question about the possibility of discovering intelligent life on another planet, he said that this matter remains possible given that the universe is very vast, and so far, only a small part of it has been explored.

It is likely that there will be other forms of intelligent life on other planets, and their discovery is a matter of time.

Regarding the economic model prevailing in the world, Hubert Reeve believes that it must first be agreed that the current prevailing production system, which is the capitalist model, is the basis for all problems, as capitalism is not the best system that is suitable for humanity, because it leads to devouring all the resources of the planet. No mercy, but the good news is that there are efforts now to change this system.

The duration of humanity's survival if the sun disappeared would be very short and not exceed a few years (Bixby)

Sun, Moon and Earth

Another question was asked about the future of planet Earth and the ability of humans to survive without the presence of the sun.

As for the disappearance of the moon, it is difficult to determine the fate of humanity, because the moon plays an important role in the balance on the planet, but its disappearance may have effects on some animals only, but this matter is not certain until now.

In his answer to a question about humans dominating the planet and their domination over the rest of other creatures, and the damage to the Earth's ecosystem, Reeve said that humans are constantly evolving through the ages, and unfortunately, this development is not always in the interest of the earth, as man now has enormous capabilities, and the activities that he undertakes They represent a serious threat to his future on this planet.

Some people fear that human life on planet Earth is nothing but a chapter in a long history of this universe, and it is possible that the existence of human beings will end and disappear completely.

Reeve believes that this is possible, and its effect on the universe may be invisible in the first place, but it will of course be important to humans, even if it does not affect the rest of the universe's elements.

Regarding solutions and means of action to save human society and ensure its sustainability in the future, Hubert Reeve believes that the media plays a negative role that should be noted, which is that at the present time they only provide frustrating and bad news, and in return they do not sufficiently cover positive news, and this matter greatly affects In the morale of human beings.

Carbon emissions and the resulting rise in temperature are a warning sign that should be paid attention to (Al-Jazeera)

Celebrate the good things

In fact, we should focus on solving problems, while celebrating the promising and beneficial aspects in order to preserve hope and energy in humans.

It is imperative that the goal is to preserve the Earth as a livable planet, and to achieve happiness for our children and grandchildren in the future, a goal that is not yet impossible, but it is truly threatening.

Reef also addressed the possibility of the collapse of the ecological and social systems completely on the surface of the earth, given the manifestations of the physical, biological, political and social fragility of the world.

He warns that carbon emissions in particular and the resulting rise in temperature are a warning sign that should be watched and baffled.

But at the same time there are positive indicators that are important to mention, such as efforts to preserve biodiversity, as humpback whales, for example, were saved after they were on the verge of extinction.

Hubert Reeve also believes that nature currently has the advantage of creative intelligence, and it undoubtedly possesses a sharper intelligence than humans, and therefore there is a creative stand behind the design of this nature, especially since there is no such thing as chance.

Reeve says that he does not believe in chance. Rather, he believes that some kind of intelligence exists in this universe, but what it is must be searched for.

Regarding the assumptions about the end of life on planet Earth after 50 years that some fear, Reeve believes that the world will be completely different after this period of time, as people will suffer a severe shortage of a number of basic resources, especially minerals, and therefore life will be very difficult.

But in any case, it is difficult to provide accurate forecasts, because everyone who tried in the past to predict the future was completely wrong, and the greatest evidence for this is the emergence of the Corona virus, which surprised everyone.