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RIVM: The Dutch are more cautious during the second wave, but also more lonely. According

to a survey conducted by the National Institute between 11 and 15 November among more than 64,000 people.

More than half of the respondents say they have confidence in the government's approach to the crisis.

At the beginning of the autumn this was still slightly less than half.

The Dutch generally adhere more to the measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Because of the second corona wave, for example, people more often avoid busy places.

Two out of three people say they do so.

In the previous survey, a month and a half ago, it was 58 percent.

In addition, more people keep their distance from others.

The RIVM also asked people whether they are willing to get vaccinated as soon as a vaccine is available.

Just over half want that.

Another 5 percent first want to know whether they have already had corona.

About 12 percent do not want to be vaccinated.

One in three people does not know yet.

Almost six in ten respondents feel lonely.

In the study of six weeks earlier this was about half.

People especially miss seeing family and friends in person.

Almost four in ten people exercise and exercise less than before the corona restrictions.

On the other hand, there is only a small group that started eating unhealthier.

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24 people fined for ignoring corona rules in Horeca building Hilsversum

Agents and boas fined 24 people in a horeca building in Hilversum on Saturday.

The police report that the group did not comply with the corona measures.

The inspection took place after a report about too many people in the building on Larenseweg, which was subsequently closed by the municipality.

The police reports that the municipality is looking into whether the catering building can be closed for fourteen days due to non-compliance with the corona rules.

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Number of new Flemish hospital admissions no longer decreasing

The number of Flemish corona patients who have to go to hospital is no longer decreasing.

It is still unclear why the rapid decline in recent weeks has stalled, says virologist Steven Van Gucht on behalf of the Belgian corona crisis center.

In the rest of Belgium, the decline will continue for the time being, while a stabilization has been observed in Flanders.

The pressure on Belgian hospitals has diminished rapidly in recent weeks due to strict corona measures.

Although the danger of hospitals being inundated by the second wave of corona infections has passed, corona patients are still placing heavy demands on hospital beds.

There are almost four thousand in a normal ward, of which more than nine hundred in intensive care.

Should the virus spread more quickly, hospitals could quickly get into trouble again.

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Mayors in consultation after Black Friday

The 25 mayors who chair a security region and who form together with the Security Council, will discuss this evening whether it is necessary to take national measures against the crowds.

Mayor John Jorritsma of Eindhoven has requested this. 

The request comes after it was very busy in some municipalities due to Black Friday.

The crowds in the shops differed greatly per municipality last weekend.

Cities such as Rotterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Apeldoorn were clearly too busy, but other popular shopping cities such as Arnhem were doing well.

Chairman Hubert Bruls also warns that strict measures in one city may result in a busier city in another.

He found the crowds in the country "generally manageable."

Bruls does think that the Netherlands and Belgium should make agreements about the unwanted influx of Belgian buyers, now that the non-essential shops in that country have been closed.

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Internists concerned about stagnating decline in corona infections

Medical specialists are concerned about the stagnating decline in the number of corona infections.

The period in which more than a thousand new patients with COVID-19 are admitted to hospital every week has now been three weeks longer than during the first wave in the spring, warns the Dutch Internists Association (NIV).

"The high pressure on hospitals will therefore last longer. Over 1,450 more patients with COVID-19 have already been admitted to the nursing ward than in the first wave", according to the NIV.

The decrease in the number of infections has stagnated in recent weeks.

"The number of patients admitted to the hospital decreased, but not quickly enough. Extra capacity in the internal medicine departments is still needed to be able to receive the COVID-19 patients. As a result, the pressure remains undiminished and is now also lasting. even considerably longer ", says the internist association.

The organization says it is very concerned about patients whose regular care cannot be postponed much longer if the infection rates do not decrease.

"The stagnating decline and the busy shopping streets give little hope for December."

6 hours ago

Municipalities are looking for 70,000 extra polling station members due to corona virus

As of Monday, municipalities are looking for 70,000 extra polling station members to staff electoral offices during the parliamentary elections in March.

To ensure that voters abide by the corona rules, next year, not an average of three, but about four members will be needed per polling station.





(Photo: ANP)

6 hours ago

More than eleven thousand new infections in Germany

In Germany, 11,169 new corona

infections were

reported in the past 24 hours.

That is a decrease from the day before when it came to 14,611 new infections, according to figures from the Robert Koch-Institut.

The RKI reported 22,805 new cases on Friday.

The total number of coronavirus infections has risen to approximately 1,054,000 since the start of the corona pandemic in our eastern neighbors.

The death toll rose by 125 to 16,248.

8 hours ago

'Testing and treatment of HIV patients disrupted by corona'



pandemic also affects the fight against HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS.

Almost three quarters of all current HIV testing programs and more than half of all treatment programs have been seriously disrupted by corona, the Aidsfonds concludes.

According to the fund, the number of HIV infections is increasing in large parts of the world.

The combination with the corona virus has "a disastrous effect on the global AIDS fight", says the Aidsfonds.

For example, the HIV testing locations are currently mainly busy testing people for the corona virus.

Testing for HIV in people at home is a lot more difficult than before.

As a result, fewer HIV cases are detected, which increases the likelihood that people will infect others unsuspectingly, or that their infection will be discovered too late to save them.

In addition, HIV patients sometimes do not dare to go to a hospital or a clinic for fear of corona.

Director Mark Vermeulen states: "The tremendous progress we have made with combined effort in 40 years of AIDS response is now being mercilessly slowed down. The supply and availability of life-saving HIV drugs has been seriously compromised in many countries."

The Aidsfonds comes with its warning because it is World AIDS Day on Tuesday.

Currently, approximately 38 million people worldwide suffer from HIV.

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8 hours ago

Series The Flash stops recording due to corona infection crew member

The production of the superhero series The Flash in Vancouver, Canada, has been halted,


reports on 


A crew member has become infected with the corona virus.

Read on



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Fewer patients in the emergency room during lockdown

During the lockdown in weeks 12 to 19, fewer patients with serious injuries were treated in the emergency room (A&E).

During the lockdown in March, that number dropped by 27 percent, according to figures from

VeiligheidNL on



In particular, fewer people with sports injuries were admitted.

The number of victims of a road accident in the emergency room also decreased significantly during the lockdown: by 48 percent.

When the lockdown was relaxed, the number of admissions of traffic victims increased by 82 percent compared to the number of admissions during the lockdown.

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American immunologist expects positive tests to rise after Thanksgiving

American immunologist Anthony Fauci warns against an increase in positive tests after Thanksgiving.

Millions of Americans traveled across the country in connection with the November 26 national holiday.

As a result, the number of positive tests is likely to increase, Fauci said in an interview with

NBC News


"We expect to see a rise on a rise in the near future." 

According to the leading corona advisor, it is not too late to halt a large increase.

For example, it helps if Americans are very careful when they return by keeping enough distance and wearing mouth masks, says Fauci.

yesterday at 11:57 PM

Iraqi children back to school for the first time since February

After the Iraqi schools were closed for months due to the corona virus, the first children in the country went back to school on Saturday.

The schools are open six days a week, in order to guarantee sufficient distance for the students.

Children in primary education go to school one day a week, in higher education students are physically present in the building two days a week.

On the other days, the students follow education from home.

yesterday at 11:46 PM

The most important corona news from Sunday, November 29


  • In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the police

    broke up


    party with about seventy young people

    in Maasdijk in South Holland.

    According to the police, the youngsters kept "in no way" 1.5 meters apart.

  • There are

    1,700 corona patients in the hospital on


    , 11 fewer than yesterday.

    Of these, 506 corona patients are in intensive care, 5 less than Saturday.

    In the past 24 hours,

    5,609 positive corona tests have been


    at the RIVM


  • The cabinet has never received a


    from mayors

    to ban Black Friday

    this year


    A spokesperson says this to the ANP, after statements by the Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb about this.

  • The influx of

    Belgian visitors

    this weekend played a role in the

    hustle and bustle at cities and shopping centers

    in the south of the country.

    The Security Council said this in a statement on Sunday about the busyness in shopping areas.


  • The

    Croatian premier Andrei Plenkovic

    Saturday been quarantined because of a positive corona test of his wife.

    He himself has been tested negative, the Jutarnji List newspaper reports based on the government.

  • Hundreds of people took to the streets



    on Saturday evening to protest against a curfew imposed due to the increasing number of positive tests.

  • The


    has ordered a further 2 million doses of the vaccine candidate from the pharmaceutical company Moderna.

  • The number of positive tests in


    has increased by 14,611


    the last 24 hours.

    That is a significant decrease compared to the number of infections reported on Saturday: 21,695.

    The decrease is probably due to the weekend.

  • The

    French State Council

    , an important government advisory council and supreme administrative court, finds that limiting the number of churchgoers to thirty people per service is disproportionate given the risks of corona infections.

    The council considers it an exaggerated and illegal measure.

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