China's'pickled vegetables' Pao Chai has received international standard certification.

However, Chinese media are introducing this in the way that the world standard has been established, including Korean kimchi.

What the hell are you talking about, correspondent Song Wook from Beijing covered it.


"Korean media are outraged by'the shame of the country where kimchi's suspicion."

This is the title of an article published by the Chinese state media, Hwangu Times, saying that'pickled vegetables' Pao Chai has been certified by ISO, that is, the International Standardization Organization.

Since 2011, China has formed an association led by Sichuan Province, the main producer of Pao Chai, and has been promoting international standard registration.

However, in China, Korean kimchi is also called Pao Chai.

Chinese media, emphasizing that Pao Chai has become an international standard, argued that most of the kimchi that Korea imports is from China, and that the word that Korea is the originator of kimchi has become ineffective.

[China's Zhejiang Province is the TV coverage. Came to 99% (South Korea last year imported kimchi) is China, it only causes loss of open source 45,000,000,000 Kimchi;

but Kimchi is already in the 2001 FAO under CODEX, In other words, it was set as an international standard by the International Food Standards Committee.

Rather, Pao Chai joined the standard belatedly.

Our government emphasized that the salted vegetable Pao Chai is different from kimchi.

The Chinese government also specified it as Pao Chai in a document filed with ISO, stating that the food standard does not apply to kimchi.

In China, controversy over aid aimed at Korea continues, such as claiming that Hanbok was brought from traditional Chinese clothing, and introducing the children's song'Bandal' as a Korean-Chinese folk song.