Why did we do the review?

Thousands of children are placed in homes to receive care or because their families or family homes do not work.

We wanted to know how these kids are doing. 

How did we go about it?   

The Health and Care Inspectorate inspects these homes every year, they interview the children and sometimes make unannounced visits.  

We read all the inspections last year where they found problems, and then we made a database with them.

There were 200 homes that were either criticized or closed.

In addition, we all requested injunctions with fines, police reports, indictments, bans, revocation of permits and Lex Sarah reports.  

What did we find?  

We selected those who received extra serious criticism, or were part of groups where several of the homes were criticized. Those who have been criticized for violence and violations, illegal rules and restrictions on freedom, that the home is unsafe, that the business is conducted without a permit, that they have been fined or had their permit revoked. In total, about 50 HVB homes stood out and had the worst criticism. Then we went through reports from 2017, 2018 and so far in the year 2020 to see how many of these homes have received recurring serious criticism.