Leipzig (dpa) - The handball players of the SC DHfK Leipzig hopped euphorically over the hall floor, with manager Karsten Günther tears of joy flowed.

For the first time since February 2016 Leipzig won an East Derby and defeated SC Magdeburg on Sunday with 33:29 (16:14).

«That was an amazing victory.

It's usually the game of the year when there are 7,500 spectators here.

And that's exactly how we approached it, ”said left wing Lukas Binder on“ Sky ”.

Leipzig had not won eight derbies in a row recently.

That this was different in the empty Leipzig arena on Sunday was also due to Joel Birlehm.

The DHfK goalkeeper showed strong 13 saves and let the SCM attack desperate in rows.

"We deserved to win, were over 60 minutes better," said Birlehm at the "MDR".

"We were super efficient up front and didn't let Magdeburg come into play, especially in the second half."

Niclas Pieczkowski was the best field player and the best Leipzig thrower with six goals.

In the SCM, Omar Ingi Magnusson shone with eleven goals.

For Leipzig it was the third game in seven days - and that after a three-week Corona break.

“Both teams fought hard, in the end Leipzig wins.

We managed too much, ”said SCM captain Christian O'Sullivan.

The Norwegian complained that “you were often up to a goal but couldn't get close.

We missed too many opportunities. "


In the game that SCM trainer Bennet Wiegert dubbed the “only true East Derby” in advance, both teams did not give each other anything in the early stages.

After 13 minutes the SC DHfK managed to pull away a little.

The hosts pulled away on three goals and even had a chance to extend their lead even further.

But shortly after Leipzig coach André Haber took a break, they lost the thread of exploiting opportunities and conceded a goal a second before half-time.

After the change, Magdeburg was immediately close to equalizing, but made technical errors.

So Leipzig expanded the lead again to three goals instead of having to accept the draw.

The game of both teams became more nervous and flawed, especially Magdeburg left numerous chances to equalize.

Instead, DHfK goalkeeper Joel Birlehm screwed up his parade account.

Leipzig went into the last two minutes of the game with a lead of three goals, but was outnumbered.

But the team was unimpressed and scored again through Philipp Weber and Gregor Remke.

Half a minute before the end, the SC DHfK players were hugging each other on the bench and celebrating the victory.


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