For the time being, the police are seriously taking into account that the fireworks bomb that exploded in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the house of the mayor of the municipality of Woensdrecht was actually aimed at the mayor.

A spokesman for the police reports this.

Mayor Steven Adriaansen's house in Hoogerheide in Noord-Brabant was damaged by the bomb in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Nobody was hurt.

Around 1.15 am, the mayor and various local residents heard a big bang.

The fireworks bomb blew up the front door and caused considerable damage to the front of the house and the garage.

A car in the driveway was also badly damaged.

"I was very shocked, just like the local residents in the area," said Mayor Adriaansen.

"I am completely in the dark of the cause and I hope that the investigation by the forensic police will soon provide clarity. The police are taking the case very seriously."

On Sunday at the end of the afternoon, no one had been arrested in the case, the police spokesman said.

The mayor's house is additionally secured.

Adriaansen has been mayor of Woensdrecht since 2013.