Dave Prowse is best known for his role as Darth Vader in the first trilogy of the Star Wars movie series.

Prowse was a former bodybuilder and got the role of the legendary movie villain precisely because of his size.

Prowse didn’t talk in the movies at all.

Darth Vader got his vote from James Earl Jones.

- May the power be with you, forever, Prowe's agent Thomas Bowington told the BBC.

- Although Dave played a monster, Dave was a hero to me and everyone who knew him.

Prowse acted for over 50 years, but only the role of Darth Vader brought him international success.

Prowe’s most famous role was not a film role.

He starred in Green Cross Code Mania in a road safety campaign.

Prowe’s strong accent influenced the acquisition of roles and often his turn was dubbed by another actor.

Prowse not only acted.

In addition to his film career, the man worked as a personal trainer.

He coached Christopher Reeve, among others, as he prepared for the role of Superman.

Prowse made his first film role as early as 1967 when he starred in the satirical James Bond adventure at Casino Royale.

Prowse also starred in Stanley Kubrick’s Bell Watch Orange, from which George Lucas bonged him.

Lucas invited Prowe for an interview and thought this would be appropriate for either Darth Vader or Chewbacca.