Most mothers seek to achieve idealism in raising their children, so they try all the time to be present in their children's lives to fulfill their various desires, believing that they are thus working for the benefit of their children.

But according to education experts, this behavior does not build good children or independent adults, but rather detracts from their abilities. As for the method that some see lazy and primarily cares about the mother and does not place many responsibilities on her shoulders, it is the best way for the child to discover his abilities and learn to rely on oneself.

What is lazy breeding?

The child, through lazy parenting, enters into activities that may seem difficult or greater than his abilities, and while some mothers seek to avoid situations that put the child in difficult challenges, teaching him how to overcome by himself the predicament makes him confident of himself and accustomed to using his intelligence in various aspects of life, as well as The child's happiness in accomplishing a task he thought he would only be able to accomplish with the help of an adult makes him inclined later on trying to accomplish many other tasks on his own.

In order for your child to become a responsible mature person - according to a report published by the "Lazy Parenting" site - he should be taught responsibility from an early age, and this means not doing all the tasks for him, but rather teaching him that he must be an individual involved in household tasks from the age of 3 Or 4 years maximum.

Also, taking care of the child's homework and helping him accomplish his educational tasks makes him an unorganized person who cannot follow his simple personal affairs. Therefore, the child must do by himself knowing his homework directly from the teacher and not resort to "mothers' groups" to know his duties, and he must be aware of what He happens to be around and aware of what falls under his responsibility.

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They are being exposed

Despite the importance of this approach in raising children, many people still do not know about it and deal with parents who choose this method of raising their children as neglectful or heartless and endanger their children's lives, and they may intervene to save a child who does not belong to them just because he was about to fall to the ground From a foot height.

Parentingchaos recommends choosing this method of parenting, as children can enjoy their freedom and explore their abilities and the world around them, and at the same time, parents follow them to protect them from any sudden danger.

In the end, this approach to education does not intentionally endanger the child's life, but there is no serious harm if children are exposed to a superficial bruise or wound, although it is certainly painful, the experience will teach him what the commands will not teach them.

And when parents do not allow their children to enter into experiences that challenge their abilities or to accomplish tasks that appear to be difficult, they limit the capabilities of their children and do not allow them to develop sufficiently, so the children’s dependence on their parents becomes completely, and they cannot accomplish any simple things in their lives, and the matter gradually develops to accompany them even after Become adults.

Not only that, but the constant intervention of parents to accomplish simple tasks for their children may make children feel ineligible and untrustworthy.

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Lazy breeding steps suggests some basic steps towards achieving this type of parenting. From the beginning, the child can be left in one room surrounded by many objects that he can safely explore, while noticing him all the time but without interfering, either actually or Guidance.

The child can be taught to participate in household tasks gradually. At first, he has to throw candy wrappers in the garbage, remove his plate from the dining table, then start helping parents to wash dishes, spread laundry and arrange the house, in preparation for becoming responsible for certain tasks without providing assistance to him.

The success of lazy parenting lies in accepting the consequences that may occur when the child assumes some responsibility, perhaps he will pour a cup of milk on the ground and drop food from the saucer on his clothes, but these negative consequences must be accepted with open arms and not to reproach or blame the child, and try to guide him in a simple way how to complete the matter Correctly.

And when the child grows up a little and spends a number of hours away from parents in school, he must become independent in spending many of his daily affairs, and here the mother must directly teach her child how he can rely on himself, and teach him how to prepare his lessons and the school bag without supervision from the parents.

In the end, lazy parenting is not really lazy, rather it is an important method of parenting that makes the child dependent on himself, but there are still many tasks for parents to perform, as they are responsible first and foremost for their children and for their monitoring all the time even if they do not intervene to save the cup of milk from the fall.