Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog on about the NK sprint.

We will keep you informed of developments in Thialf throughout the weekend.

  • NK sprint

  • LIVE: 500 meters (f) 

  • 2.51 pm: 500 meters (m)

  • 3:31 pm: 1000 meters (v)

  • 4.12 pm: 1000 meters (m)

a few seconds ago

Ride 7

- Marrit Fledderus dives under the time of Suzanne Schulting!

With a personal record of 38.27, she now has the fastest time.

one minute ago

Ride 6

- Ireen Wüst and Elisa So drive to the current place six and eight.

Soon in stage eight and nine favorites Femke Kok and Jutta Leerdam will come into action.

3 minutes ago

Stage 5

- Isabelle van Elst and Esmé Stollenga drive to the current second and third place.

Stolenga improves her personal record.

The current top three:

  • Suzanne Schulting


  • Isabelle van Elst


  • Esmé Stollenga


  • 5 minutes ago

    Stage 4

    - Marijke Groenewoud and Naomi Verkerk drive to the current fourth and sixth place respectively.

    Suzanne Schulting still has the fastest time (38.57).

    7 minutes ago

    Ride 3

    - Another fast ride!

    Maud Lugters also sets a personal record with 38.67 and Helga Drost sets her fastest time of the season: 38.68.

    9 minutes ago

    Ride 2

    - A personal best for Suzanne Schulting!

    She drives 38.57.

    Van Beek is currently third fastest: 39.68.

    11 minutes ago

    Stage 1

    - Female runs a time of 39.50 - her best time of the season.

    Grevelt, who takes the place of Jorien ter Mors, ends with a time of 40.04.

    12 minutes ago


    Melissa Wijfje and Isabel Grevelt have left and the NK has officially started.

    18 minutes ago

    The track is being prepared for the 500 meters for the women.

    Another five minutes until the first starting gun.

    35 minutes ago

    The most notable absentee this weekend is Jorien ter Mors.

    The thirty-year-old skater had to sign out with a painful ankle and is replaced by Isabel Grevelt.

    Bad luck ... went through my ankle last Tuesday.

    Stood on the ice yesterday after being unable to do anything all week, but it's not pain free yet.

    No NK sprint, which makes me very disappointed (to put it mildly) now make a wise choice and I will see you after Christmas for the qualifying tournament


    Avatar Author Jorien ter Mors Moment of places 14:01 - 28 November 2020

    43 minutes ago

    We start at 2.30 pm with the 500 meters for the women.

    An overview of the start list: 

  • Melissa Wijfje-Isabel Grevelt

  • Suzanne Schulting-Lotte van Beek

  • Helga Drost-Maud Lugters

  • Marijke Groenewoud-Naomi Verkerk

  • Isabelle van Elst-Esmé Stollenga

  • Ireen Wüst-Elisa Dul

  • Marrit Fledderus-Dione Voskamp

  • Femke Kok-Sanneke de Neeling

  • Michelle de Jong-Jutta Leerdam

  • Letitia de Jong-Janine Smit

  • an hour ago

    Marianne Timmer is still the skater who won the most medals at the NK sprint.

    In seventh place we find Letitia de Jong the first active skater in the medal classification.

    • 1. Marianne Timmer: 10 gold, 11 total.

    • 2. Christine Aaftink: 7 gold, 10 total.

    • 3. Margot Boer: 4 gold, 10 total.

    • 4. Andrea Nuyt: 2 gold, 7 total.

    • 5. Annamarie Thomas: 2 gold, 6 total.

    • 7. Letitia de Jong: 2 gold, 3 total.

    an hour ago

    In the women, Letitia de Jong won last season by winning three of the four distances.

    Only on the second 500 meters De Jong had to settle for second place behind 19-year-old Femke Kok.

    Kok also took the podium in the standings and came third.

    Jorien ter Mors, who made his debut at the NK Sprint, finished second.

    an hour ago

    Gerard van Velde is still the most successful skater in the men's national sprint.

    In eighth place, Hein Otterspeer is the first active skater in the medal standings.

    An overview:

    • 1. Gerard van Velde: 6 gold, 11 total.

    • 2. Jan Bos: 6 gold, 11 total.

    • 3. Stefan Groothuis: 6 gold, 6 total.

    • 4. Erben Wennemars: 3 gold, 8 total.

    • 5. Jan Bazen: 3 gold, 7 total.

    • 8. Hein Otterspeer: 2 gold, 6 total.

    an hour ago

    The previous edition of the NK sprint for men was striking to say the least.

    The victory went to Kjeld Nuis, who saw his

    two biggest competitors, Ronald Mulder (fall on the second 500 meters) and Hein Otterspeer (disqualification after the first 1000 meters).

    Lennart Velema had to settle for the silver medal and the bronze went to Gijs Esders.

    an hour ago

    What else can you win this weekend besides the NK title?

    In the Netherlands qualifying country, that question is a fixed issue at the national title matches.

    This time is no different, because the European Championship sprint is still planned in Heerenveen in January.

    A ticket for that tournament will be available for the Dutch champions this weekend.

    The other starting spots will be divided later.

    an hour ago

    Good afternoon from Thialf.

    This is the battlefield today and tomorrow for the third skating weekend of the season.

    After the NK distances and the NK allround the sprinters on the NK sprint are next.

    The decisions will only be made after the second round on Sunday, but the skaters will undoubtedly want to start well today.

    • The program:

    • 2.15 pm: 500 meters (v) 

    • 2.51 pm: 500 meters (m)

    • 3:31 pm: 1000 meters (v)

    • 4.12 pm: 1000 meters (m)

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