Classic clothes are pieces of clothing that work from season to season and create a good wardrobe base.

They keep your wardrobe up to date.

A timeless garment can also be strong and showy.

The dark, simple leather skirt is a multi-purpose garment for everyday and festive occasions.

Leather creates an interesting contrast to a wide variety of materials such as denim, linen and satin.

The thick material of the skirt works well on winter days.

This skirt model is a timeless classic in all its sharpness.

Leather skirt Second Female / Stockmann 255 €.

White Wide Sleeve Knit + Gray Knee Socks + Black Ankle Boots = € 62.93

The sophisticated but soft feminine look is constructed of a leather skirt, wide-sleeved white knit, gray knee socks and black ankle boots.

Purple lace top + burgundy tights + black pumps = € 43.93

A leather skirt is a stylish and personal choice for party parties as well.

Instead of a full size black, one with a strong style can play with different color combinations.

Denim shirt + black gentleman's shoes + black tights = € 57.99

Leather and jeans create an interesting contrast to each other.

This look also combines relaxation with classicism.

Photos: Manufacturers

Viola chooses one credit garment every week and puts three different outfits around it cheaply.