While daylight decreases and sunlight feels only as a distant memory, the glow and radiance after summer disappears from the skin.

With these five products, you bring the much-needed refreshment and healthy glow to your face, even if the window shows a mere gray.

Clear with serum

Exuviance's Vitamin C Serum Capsules contain 20% vitamin C.

The individual packaging ensures that the vitamin remains effective for longer, 74 e / 60 capsules.

A really effective and functional skin lightener is a serum that properly contains vitamin C.

In the morning, apply the serum on still slightly damp skin to lock in water and enhance the moisturizing effect.

Peel with toner

Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner makes the skin look brighter and really feels like a freeze, 27.50 e / 198 ml.

Regular but gentle exfoliation during the winter months keeps the skin guaranteed to be clear.

Too much exfoliating dehydrates the skin unnecessarily, but mild glycolic acid is suitable for use even every night, depending on the skin's tolerance.

Using facial water containing glycolic acid is insanely easy: after washing, the face is wiped with a cotton swab moistened with facial water, after which serum and face cream are normally applied to the skin.

Switch to a lighter make-up cream (or make one yourself)

Yves Rocher's Radiance Revealing Anti-Pollution make-up cream is dreamily in composition, but still leaves a semi-opaque and ball-like result on the skin, 22.90 e / 30 ml.

Surface-dry skin is recognized at the latest when facial makeup looks cake-like or dry on the cheeks and nasal passages.

Makeup that looks dry will inevitably make your skin look hazy.

So switch to a lighter version of the make-up that includes skin care and moisturizing ingredients.

You can also conveniently get a lighter version of the thicker make-up cream by mixing a few drops of facial serum before applying.

With professional gimmicks, the skin is guaranteed to glow.

Choose a creamy blush and highlight color

Oriflame's ON ONE Face Styler Blush Stunning Rose glides nicely on the skin and gives a light color and shine, 18 e.

Powder-like products easily get a stale look on winter skin, so if possible, skip the use of the powder completely or apply it as carefully considered precise strokes, for example on the t-area of ​​the face.

Change the highlight color and blush to creamy versions with a texture that gives the skin a beautiful glow.

Moisturize throughout the day

Atopik's Hydrate series face spray is packed full of moisturizing ingredients and the surface-dry skin absorbs the spray, 15.50 e / 100 ml.

Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil.

Spray the product first on a clean face in the morning and continue to spray lightly throughout the day whenever the skin feels any dry or makeup tired.

Source: Allure, Bustle