A video of US President Donald Trump getting angry at a reporter asking whether he won the presidential election is becoming a hot topic on social media.

The video was filmed at the White House on the 26th, local time, on Thanksgiving.

President Trump spoke to reporters after making calls to encourage US military personnel on missions abroad who were unable to spend Thanksgiving with their families.

While President Trump was repeating existing claims that there had been a massive manipulation in the presidential election, a Reuters reporter at the White House repeatedly asked whether he accepted or not.

President Trump raised his finger and pointed it, saying, "You're just a man of little business. Don't tell me that way."

He then said, "I am the President of the United States. Never tell the President that way," and then handed over the question to another reporter.

Twitter has the hashtag'Donald the Diaper' on more than 200,000 posts.

Twitter users uploaded a video of President Trump's remarks saying'I'm the President', leaving tweets such as'I'm the President','I'm not left','No president should speak that way','If it's a president, act like a president.'

(Photo = Twitter Capture, Getty Image Korea)