• Balearic Islands: The group rape in Palma uncovers a network of drugs and prostitution of inmates in juvenile centers

  • Sexual exploitation The Pacte once again rejects the investigation into the sexual abuse of minors protected by the Consell

"There was no one in charge of minors for months."

This is assured by an internal source from the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (Imas), which indicates a period of almost half a year of emptiness in positions of responsibility in the area of ​​Children and Minors after the elections of May 24, 2015.

Once occupied the charges, some were abandoned after a year and created another new void that accentuated the lack of control of the minors under guardianship.

This mismanagement triggered the creation of the network of sexual exploitation of these minors, says this source.

Thus, the Pacte de Progrés formed by PSOE, Més per Mallorca and Podemos did not appoint an Insular Director for Minors until July, a Head of Service for Minors until October and a Director of Centers also until that same month. October.

This internal source of the Imas highlights the lack of control as the germ of the creation of the network of exploitation of minors under guardianship.

"The actions in the area of ​​minors are daily.

Think that every day there are several arrests, minors who run away, family fights with repercussions on minors. Every day, every day many decisions have to be made", he emphasizes, "and for months After the Pacte won the elections, those positions of great responsibility were empty. "

According to this Imas connoisseur, the situation of lack of control overcame the first insular director of Minors appointed by the Pacte, Beatriz Morales, who resigned shortly after serving a year in the position.

"Morales was not able to close the contract for the Can Sec farm and had no place to house the 15 minors under guardianship at the center," he explains, "in the end, he could only find a place near Es Secar de la Real."

In this transfer to Palma, this source places the germ of the creation of the network of sexual exploitation of minors under guardianship.

"That's where the problem begins. Before they ran away and did what they wanted, of course, they are minor problems. But they were not organized," he remarks, "having them away in the town slowed them down."


"The minors are already in Palma and, immediately, they meet with their counterparts in the city. Who? Well, the 'quinquineo' of the city. The residents of Es Secar de la Real complain because they notice the increase in 'gangs' 'organized. There is no one in charge of the centers, "he insists.

The transfer of that center becomes effective on January 15, 2017. Beatriz Morales's attempts to buy the Can Sec estate frustrated, the center lands in an old convent located on Camí de la Real, in Son Espanyol.

The newspaper 'Diario de Mallorca' shortly after collected complaints from workers about the inadequacies of the facilities.

"There was no one in charge of minors," reiterates this connoisseur of the entity.

The elections are won on May 24 and the Consell de Mallorca is taken from the PP and Catalina Cirer leaves the presidency of Imas.

The president of the Consell de Mallorca, the eco-sovereign Miquel Ensenyat, puts his party colleague Margalida Puigserver at the head of the IMAS and who is currently the councilor of Social Welfare in Algaida

, her hometown to which she has always been strongly linked.

Puigserver, according to his Linkedin, had worked for a decade in different Human Resources positions at the Barceló hotel company.

In 2013, he has collaborations as an "educational coach specialized in Adolescents and Families".

With this curriculum, in 2015 he led an entity such as Imas, which in 2016 would manage a budget of 155 million euros, 38.8% of the total funds of the Consell de Mallorca.

Under his leadership is the assistance to the disabled, the elderly, childhood and social inclusion.

Concentration of protest against the abuse of minors under guardianship in Mallorca.JORDI AVELLÀ

The appointment of Beatriz Morales as Insular Director of Minors is announced on July 20, 2015.

In the BOIB of September 29, 2016, it is stated that she

resigned on September 21, 2016. Little more than a year in the position


Later, she appears in pockets to apply for a position as a social worker at the institution.

"But Morales had not taken vacation and August did not work," adds this testimony.

On the Imas website, their presence has been located at two public events on August 3 and 13.

It reappears on August 28, 2015 at the inauguration of an organic garden.

"Morales came from the sphere of the socialist Jaume Garau, a businessman linked to the third sector. I think his experience was in computer science, he was in charge of the 'hardware' and the operation of the equipment," he reveals.

Thus, on his Linkedin, Morales assures that he has a degree in Social Education from the Uned and another in Computer Engineering from the UOC.

Among his professional career, he cites 4 years as a computer technician at Intress and 4 more years at the Fundació Sant Joan de Déu.

With this experience, he became head of the Insular Directorate for Minors and Family.


In his Linkedin profile, Morales omits his step at the head of this position at Imas


His work experience jumps to February 2018 to cite a position of microcomputer technician and currently, one of 'junior network engineer' at Plexus Tech.

The socialist Garau, for his part, landed in the Parliament in 2015 at the hands of President Francina Armengol.

In its long history, there are positions of responsibility in the private and public sphere linked to the social sector.

Thus, Garau was responsible for the quality department of Intress between 1998 and 2007, a company that Morales had gone through.

Before resigning from the post after the failure of the Can Sec purchase, Morales began the procedures to agree to a salary increase to equalize the salaries of workers in concerted juvenile centers with public ones.

A press officer of the Imas has confirmed to this newspaper that Morales initiated this process.

"It not only meant a salary increase for workers in the subsidized centers. Improvement measures were also agreed in those centers," explains the Imas spokeswoman.

"The rise was at least 600 euros per worker, so Morales closed it before leaving," says this source.

The Imas has not specified the increase in the salary increase, but figures "in an increase of 4 or 5 million euros" the application of the agreement initiated by Morales and that entered into force at the end of 2018. Of those "4 or 5 million , only a part "is destined to defray the wage increase of the workers.

Podemos militant Magdalena Gelabert picked up Morales's witness.

"Gelabert soon understood what was happening and tried to solve it and honors her. But the lack of control was absolute," says this source.

Because, according to this testimony, it was not only a question of a predecessor in the post who had been defeated, since positions such as the Head of the Service for Minors and the Directorate of Homes for Minors had suffered the same drift as the management.

"Gelabert notices the network of exploited minors and, at least, draws up a protocol. It did not help much but he tried",

defends this testimony.

But the inherited situation was already serious.

"In November 2017, it is already known where young people gather, places where they exchange drugs are identified and some cases of prostitution are observed." Nothing was done! ", Exclaims this source," I remember it with the creeps .

Nothing is done because there were no directors in the centers, an island director was absent and it took a long time to arrive, "he says.


This newspaper contacted Imas last Thursday to ask questions about these issues.

On Friday, a press officer returned the call and stated that no official would speak to this newspaper and that questions could be put to the press officer in writing.

Thus, this spokesman denied power vacuums.

"There has always been someone in charge of the departments," was the reply.

Regarding the empty positions, which in the case of the island leadership officially lasted three months, "the political responsibility is assumed by the councilor. The technical responsibility of the Head of Service, who was in office."

Regarding Morales' work experience, Imas assures that "he had enough. He had worked with minors with behavioral problems and subsidized Imas centers."

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