Militias fail to launch a ballistic missile in Sana'a

The "coalition" destroys Houthi weapons depots and missile launchers in Amran and Saada

Elements of the joint forces on the western coast of Yemen.


The fighters of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen destroyed missile launchers and drones belonging to the Houthi militia in Amran governorate, as well as weapons stores, fortifications and reinforcements in the Saada governorate, while the Houthi militia failed to launch a ballistic missile from Hamadan area north of Sanaa, and it fell moments after its launch Battles continued on the fronts of the vicinity of the capital, extending from Nehm Sanaa to Al-Jawf, passing through the various fronts of Ma'rib. field.

In detail, field and local sources in Sanaa Governorate stated that the Houthi militia failed to launch a ballistic missile yesterday, and it landed in a village in the north of the governorate moments after its launch, indicating that the missile fell in the village of Al-Jarbatin, north of Sanaa, after it was launched from the Shaab Thaifan village in the Hamadan district north Capital Secretariat.

The sources pointed out that the missile explosion sparked a state of terror and panic among the village residents, who expressed their dissatisfaction and discontent with the use of their areas to launch ballistic missiles.

Battles continued between the Yemeni army and the tribes on one side and the Houthi militia on the other side on the Nehm fronts in the vicinity of Sana'a, leaving 15 dead and a number of wounded and prisoners among the Houthis.

Field sources stated that the battles led to the destruction of the Al-Mahwit Brigade of the Houthis after it was pushed to the Nehm fronts, noting that the battles were concentrated on the fronts between the countryside of the capital and the Ma'rib governorate, and the fiercest of them were in Al-Jadaan and Majzar, and Al-Jawf junction, reaching Wadi Hallan.

In the west of Ma'rib, battles continued on the Hailan and Al-Mukhdarah fronts, during which the army and tribes were able to successfully circumvent a gathering of the Houthis, leaving 21 dead and a number of wounded among them, and destroyed their combat vehicles.

In Al-Jawf, battles continued between the two sides on the fronts of "Al-Khasaf, Al-Aqsa and Al-Burash" and on the fronts of Bir Al-Maraziq and east of Al-Hazm, the capital of the governorate.

The Yemeni army website quoted the corner of the first operations of the Sixth Military Region, Brigadier General Saleh Ali Al-Bail, as saying that the militias suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment in the Battle of Al-Jawf, which is the largest and most painful for the Houthis since their coup against legitimacy.

He pointed out that there are thousands of dead and captured militias, among them senior leaders, and some of them are close to the leader of the militia called Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, pointing out that nearly 81 kilometers in three main axes in Al-Jawf have been liberated during the past few weeks.

In addition, local sources in the governorates of “Amran, Dhamar, Sana’a, Hajjah and Mahwit” confirmed that the Houthi militia carried out emergency mobilization operations to compensate for their losses on the fronts of the vicinity of the capital, noting that directives were issued to Houthi leaders and supervisors in those governorates to quickly mobilize combat elements and push them to the vicinity of Sana'a.

In Amran, the coalition fighters renewed their bombardment of Houthi sites that include missile launchers, drone hangars, and high-quality weapons stores in Montenegro in the Harf Sufyan district, north of the governorate, and another in the government compound in the same directorate between Amran and Saada, which is a major militia stronghold.

The coalition fighters also targeted a secret Houthi camp on the outskirts of the city of Saada, the stronghold of the Houthis, and destroyed its fortifications, vehicles and weapons stores located within the framework of the camp, and targeted Houthi reinforcements in the Rusayfat area of ​​the Ketaf Saada border district.

In Al-Bayda, the local resistance in Al-Zahir district managed to storm the Houthi sites and penetrate them, according to local sources, confirming that the resistance fought battles with the Houthis from the "zero" area and managed to inflict heavy losses on them.

In Hodeidah, on the western coast of Yemen, the joint forces managed to extinguish Houthi sources of fire that were targeting civilians in the city of At-Tuhayat, and caused direct casualties among the Houthis.

On the other hand, conflicts escalated between the Houthi militia supervisors south of Hais in Hodeidah, and developed into the outbreak of armed confrontations following the liquidation of the supervisor of an urban area in the ranks of the militia called “Fadl Ahmad Rajeh”, by the Houthi leader called “Faris Arik” who ambushed him and killed him One of his companions was killed and his car was torched.


Kilometers were liberated by the Yemeni army during the battles in Al-Jawf.

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