China News Service, November 28 (Wang Zitao) On November 28, "Baoshan Construction Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center Main Position Investment Promotion Series-2020 China Biomedical Industry Innovation Conference and the 6th Biopharmaceutical Innovation and R&D "International Symposium" was held in Baoshan, Shanghai.

  At this biomedicine conference with the theme of "Innovation and Transformation, Empowering the Biomedical Industry", the guests at the conference focused on the cutting-edge technologies and latest developments of global biomedicine, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of China's biomedicine development in the "post-epidemic era", and carried out forward-looking Sexual topic report and in-depth discussion.

  Chen Jie, Secretary of the Baoshan District Committee and District Mayor of Shanghai, pointed out in his speech that the biomedical industry is a strategic industry prioritized by countries in the world in the 21st century and an important pillar industry for Baoshan to build "the main position of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center." Superimposing biomedicine brings unlimited imagination.

  This conference not only attracted industry leaders and well-known experts in the biomedical field from around the world. At the same time, in order to accelerate the construction of Shanghai Baoshan biomedical industry, Baoshan District also established the "Baoshan Biomedical Industry Expert Advisory Committee" and invited more than ten Well-known academicians and authoritative experts in the pharmaceutical field serve as committee members to help Baoshan District improve the level of biomedicine investment promotion, industrial research and judgment, and park construction.

  It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Baoshan has closely followed the positioning of the main position of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, deepened the regional coordination of industrial development, and continuously accelerated the layout of the biomedical industry.

This year, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, Baoji Pharmaceutical, Guosheng Biomedicine, Ceres Medical Technology, Soling IVD, Pharmaceutical Ranch, Huiyong Pharmaceutical and other projects have invested more than 10 billion yuan in total. 23 corporate projects have been in the North Shanghai Biomedical Industry The park signed and landed.

  In order to continuously optimize the business environment and continuously improve the ability to serve enterprises, Shanghai Baoshan took the lead in researching and issuing special support policies to support the development of the biomedical industry.

At the same time, promote the establishment of the Baoshan Biomedical Industry Expert Advisory Committee, the Shanghai European and American Student Association Biomedicine Branch North Shanghai Biomedical Industrial Park Branch, etc., to build a communication platform for functional departments, an information sharing platform, and an academic exchange platform.

  The person in charge of Baoshan District in Shanghai stated that in the next step, Baoshan will focus on improving the industrial height of the park, the concentration of science and technology, and the output intensity. While improving service enterprises, it will speed up carrier construction, explore capital injection, and optimize platform functions. We will improve the supporting facilities of the park, attract and cultivate simultaneously, and strive to build Baoshan into a high-quality cluster development bearing area for the growth triangle biomedical industry, a new benchmark for the development of Shanghai's biomedical industry, and a new highland for the development of the entire industrial chain of China's biomedical industry. (Finish)