Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog on about the NK sprint.

We will keep you informed of developments in Thialf throughout the weekend.

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  • Cook leads after day 1 (f) 

  • N'tab fastest at 500 meters (m)

  • Now disqualified

a few seconds ago

Stage 10 - 

Kjeld Nuis, who has already been disqualified, is still allowed to drive the 1,000 meters.

He is also not nearly as fast as Otterspeer, who makes a big hit.

The Olympic champion clocked 1.08.62.

3 minutes ago

Ride 9 

- Kai Verbij is also not able to reach Hein Otterspeer's lightning-fast time.

Verbij only just beat Dijs and 1.09.10 is a disappointing time for him.

6 minutes ago

Stage 8 

- Thomas Krol wins the meeting of 500 meter winner Dai Dai N'Tab.

He admits two tenths to Otterspeer: 1.08.19.

N'Tab puts down 1.09.28.

8 minutes ago

Ride 7 

- Hein Otterspeer hits hard and puts down 1.07.99!

That's a championship record.

Lennart Velema is second fastest with 1.09.32.

10 minutes ago

Ride 6 

- Tijmen Snel is somewhat disappointing with a time of 1.10.21.

Joost van Dobbenburgh scores 1.11.27.

12 minutes ago

The state of affairs after five journeys:

  • Creator Camp 1.09.54

  • Yoro 1.09.72

  • Hollaar 1.10.11

  • Mulder 1.10.49

  • Van Essen 1.10.80

  • 14 minutes ago

    Stage 5 

    - The fifth stage is a prey for Louis Hollaar: 1.10.11.

    Janno Botman clocked 1.10.82.

    15 minutes ago


    - Merijn Scheperkamp wins in a nice duel against Serge Yoro and also sets the fastest time: 1.09.53.

    Like Yoro's 1.09.71, that is a personal record.

    17 minutes ago

    Stage 3 

    - Ronald Mulder has given a lot during his two 500 meters, we now see in the 1,000 meters.

    He is the fastest so far with 1.10.49, but that is by no means a time to reckon with.

    Thomas Geerdinck is more than half a beat slower.

    20 minutes ago

    Stage 2 

    - Jesper Hospers beats Thijs Govers in his stage.

    He does this with a time of 1.11.44, more than six tenths slower than Van Essen.

    22 minutes ago

    Stage 1 - 

    Mika van Essen and Stefan Westenbroek have started the 1,000 meters.

    Van Essen was the fastest of the two with 1.10.80.

    33 minutes ago

    We prepare for the last distance of the day: the 1,000 meters for the men.

    These are the rides:

  • Stefan Westenbroek-Mika from Essen

  • Jesper Hospes-Thijs Govers

  • Ronald Mulder-Thomas Geerdinck

  • Merijn Scheperkamp-Serge Yoro

  • Louis Hollaar-Janno Botman

  • Joost van Dobbenburgh-Tijmen Snel

  • Lennart Velema-Hein Otterspeer

  • Dai Dai N'tab-Thomas Krol

  • Wesley Dijs-

    Kai Verbij

  • Kjeld Nuis-Gijs Esders

  • 38 minutes ago

    The classification after day 1:

  • Cook 74625

  • Leerdam 74,700

  • Schulting 76015

  • Fledderus 76280

  • De Jong 76.305

  • Van Elst 76,805

  • Wüst 77040

  • Stollenga 77,230

  • Drost 77265

  • Female 77,455

  • 40 minutes ago

    Femke Kok is therefore in the lead after day 1, with Jutta Leerdam in second place.

    Suzanne Schulting is surprisingly third.

    43 minutes ago

    Ride 10 - 

    Leerdam will not make it!

    She puts down 1.14.39 and so she is slower than Kok, who surprisingly wins the 1,000 meters.

    Wüst scores 1.15.88 and finishes fourth.

    44 minutes ago

    The last ride is about to start: Jutta Leerdam-Ireen Wüst.

    What does Leerdam contrast with Kok's time?

    an hour ago

    Ride 9 

    - Sanneke de Neeling and Elisa Dul also play a supporting role.

    They clock the twelfth and thirteenth time.

    an hour ago

    Ride 8 

    - Marijke Groenewoud and Letitia de Jong play no significant role.

    We have to wait for the fireworks in the tenth and final stage: Leerdam versus Wüst.

    an hour ago


    - Femke Kok sets a very fast 1.14.23, a big personal record.

    What can Jutta Leerdam do in return for this?

    an hour ago

    Stage 6 - 

    Schulting is still well at the top, because Wijfje and De Jong are also not on her time.

    Wijfje puts down 1.15.91, De Jong 1.16.53.

    an hour ago


    5 - 

    Stollenga clocked 1.17.14 in her stage, which is the fourth fastest time.

    Drost only admits three hundredths to her and is therefore fourth.

    an hour ago

    The top three so far:

  • Schult 1.14.89

  • Van Elst 1.16.41

  • Stollenga 1.17.14

  • an hour ago

    Ride 4 - 

    Dione Voskamp and Isabelle van Elst can't compete with Schulting.

    Van Elst drives 1.16.41, making it the fastest of the two.

    an hour ago

    Ride 3 - 

    Suzanne Schulting skates to an excellent 1.14.89!

    This makes her the fastest so far.

    Naomi Verkerk is much slower: 1.20.37.

    an hour ago

    Stage 2 

    - Lotte van Beek wins in an exciting race against Janine Smit.

    Van Beek puts down 1.17.24, Smit is nine hundredths slower.

    an hour ago


    - Maud Lugters wins Isabel Grevelt's first stage.

    She clocked a personal best: 1.16.68.

    Grevelt puts down 1.20.65.

    an hour ago

    We started the 1,000 meters for the women.

    The first ride is on its way.

    an hour ago

    Mulder squeezes out a very good time: 34.85!

    With that he sets the third fastest time.

    an hour ago

    Ronald Mulder is on the ice to ride his 500 meters again.

    Without an opponent and with 500 meters in the legs, that will not be easy.

    an hour ago

    Emotional Nuis: 'Very sad for Ronald' 

    Kjeld Nuis cannot extend his Dutch title due to his disqualification, but he is not busy with that immediately after the race.

    "It is very annoying for Ronald (Mulder, ed.). He is now allowed to drive again, but that means that he has to drive five distances this weekend", Nuis said in conversation with the



    "I know how far he comes and then I ruin it for him. Last year he should have won too, but because of his fall he was also unlucky."

    an hour ago

    We are preparing for the 1,000 meters for the women.

    These are the rides:

  • Maud Lugters-Isabel Grevelt

  • Janine Smit-Lotte van Beek

  • Suzanne Schulting-Naomi Verkerk

  • Dione Voskamp-Isabelle van Elst

  • Esmé Stollenga-Helga Drost

  • Michelle de Jong-Melissa Female

  • Femke Kok-Marrit Fledderus

  • Marijke Groenewoud-Letitia de Jong

  • Elisa Dul-Sanneke de Neeling

  • Jutta Leerdam-Ireen Wüst 

  • an hour ago

    Kjeld Nuis is indeed disqualified and that means that Ronald Mulder is allowed to ride the 500 meters again.

    At 3.51 pm, just before the 1,000 meters of the women, he is at the start.

    2 hours ago



    - Dai Dai N'tab will drive to the fastest time in the last stage!

    The top three after the first distance is therefore known:

  • Dai Dai N'tab


  • Hein Otterspeer


  • Kai Verbij


  • 2 hours ago

    Ride 9

    - What's going on here?

    Ronald Mulder opens great, but his teammate Kjeld Nuis gets in his way at the switch.

    Ronald Mulder thus records a bad time and will probably be allowed to drive again later.

    Nuis is facing a disqualification.

    2 hours ago

    Stage 8

    - After a false start by Gijs Esders, both men get away reasonably well.

    Subsequently, Hein Otterspeer has a taste for it and he drives to 34.82! 

  • Hein Otterspeer


  • Kai Verbij


  • Lennart Velema


  • 2 hours ago

    Ride 7

    - There is the first time under 35 seconds!

    Kai Verbij sets a time of 34.90 and Lennart Velema also sets a good time of 35.15.

    2 hours ago



    - Thomas Krol finishes in 35.27, but does not look completely satisfied.

    He currently holds second place, but apparently he had hoped for more.

    2 hours ago



    - Merijn Scheperkamp and Stefan Westenbroek get off the starting blocks, but still fall short on the last part.

    Scheperkamp records a time of 35.31 and Westenbroek a time of 35.40.

    2 hours ago

    Ride 4

    - Tijmen Snel rushes to the best time: 35.22.

    Janno Botman, recovered from a corona infection, also rides nicely to second place with a time of 35.50 seconds.

    2 hours ago

    Stage 3

    - Serge Yoro sets a personal best for the best time so far.

    An overview of the current top three:

  • Serge Yoro


  • Wesly Dijs


  • Louis Hollaar


  • 2 hours ago

    Stage 2

    - It is expected that the men who want to compete for the standings will have to dive under 35 seconds.

    Louis Hollaar and Joost van Dobbenburg neither do that.

    2 hours ago

    Stage 1

    - Wesly Dijs drives to a personal record (35.71).

    Mika van Essen follows with a time of 35.87.

    2 hours ago


    Wesly Dijs and Mika van Essen open the tournament for the men.

    2 hours ago

    Kok: 'I would have liked a bigger lead' 

    Femke Kok rode to victory in the first 500 meters, but the 20-year-old skater was still disappointed.

    "I won, but I am disappointed. I would have had a bigger lead, but Jutta just drove very well."

    Kok does not give up yet, because she hopes to surprise herself at the 1/000 meter.

    "In the 1,000 I hope to get close to Jutta (Leerdam, Ed.). In any case, I will do my best to make it exciting", Kok said in conversation with the



    2 hours ago

    Leerdam: 'Tournament is still young' 

    Femke Kok won the first 500 meters, but Jutta Leerdam will feel like the moral winner with a minimal backlog.

    "I knew that I could get close to Femke's (Kok, ed.) Time. I am in good shape and I know my own qualities."

    However, the 21-year-old skater does not count herself rich yet.

    "The tournament is still very young, so I have to stay sharp and continue my good form", said de Leerdam in conversation with the



    2 hours ago

    After the mopping break we continue with the 500 meters for the men.

    National champion Kjeld Nuis comes into action in stage 9.

    An overview of the start list:

    • Wesly Dijs-Mika from Essen

    • Louis Hollaar-Joost van Dobbenburg

    • Serge Yoro-Thijs Govers

    • Janno Botman-Tijmen Snel

    • Merijn Scheperkamp-Stefan Westenbroek

    • Thomas Krol-Thomas Geerdinck

    • Kai Verbij-Lennart Velema

    • Hein Otterspeer-Gijs Esders

    • Kjeld Nuis-Ronald Mulder

    • Dai Dai N'tab-Jesper Hospes

    2 hours ago

    Stage 10

    - Letitia de Jong, last year's national champion, will not reach the times of the top three, making it clear that the battle will be between Femke Kok and Jutta Leerdam this weekend.

    The top three:

  • Femke Kok


  • Jutta Leerdam


  • Michelle de Jong 


  • 2 hours ago

    Stage 9

    - Jutta Leerdam is not up to Femke Kok's time, which makes Leerdam the moral winner at the moment.

    Leerdam records the second time (37.53).

    2 hours ago

    Ride 8

    - Femke Kok shoots off the starting blocks!

    She runs to 37.51 and has the fastest time.

    The current top three:

  • Femke Kok


  • Marrit Fledderus


  • Suzanne Schulting


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