Coronavirus cases around the world exceed 61 million and 585 thousand

Parts of Europe are reopening stores ... and Los Angeles is banning most gatherings

People wear protective masks outside a Paris clothing store yesterday.


Parts of European countries reopened their stores over the weekend, yesterday, and Los Angeles in the United States decided to prevent most public and private gatherings to control the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), while the number of people infected with the virus around the world exceeded 61 million 585 thousand and 860 people. .

The authorities in Los Angeles, the largest city in the US state of California, said that all public and private gatherings of individuals not belonging to the same family have been prohibited, with the exception of religious ceremonies and demonstrations, for a period of at least three weeks until December 20.

In France, people queued at shops selling gifts and Christmas decorations, yesterday.

In Poland, commercial centers reopened their doors, while the Irish and Belgians are waiting for stores to open in their countries the day after tomorrow.

As of today, three new Italian regions lift the restrictions, allowing non-essential stores to reopen their doors, but in the regions of Lombardy (north), Piedmont (northwest) and Calabria (south), restaurants and bars will remain closed, as is the case in France and Belgium.

In the United Kingdom, the Kingdom's hospitals recorded 391 Corona deaths a week ago, while this number reached 248 a month ago, on 28 October, which means that the number of daily deaths increased by nearly 50%.

The official total number of deaths from the Corona virus in the United Kingdom last night was 57,551 cases, after 521 deaths were confirmed.

This month, the United Kingdom became the fifth country to cross the threshold of 50,000 deaths due to the "Covid-19" disease caused by the Corona virus.

In addition, a high-ranking official of the World Health Organization announced that between 60 and 70% of the population should be immunized against the emerging corona virus to limit the spread of the virus infection.

The head of the vaccination department at the World Health Organization, Catherine O'Brien, said at a press conference in Geneva, that this percentage depends on many studies.

And Catherine O'Brien explained that there are some studies that have shown that this percentage is necessary to achieve a reduction in infection with the virus.

She added, "Many people will get immunity and protect others," noting that vaccinating this number alone stops the spread of the virus.

O'Brien emphasized that this number of people who are vaccinated is not the only decisive factor, as experts noted during the measles outbreak in some African countries last year, adding: “It always depends on the exact location of the virus, and the size of its protective wall within the community. ».

The new Corona virus has caused the death of one million and 444 thousand and 426 people in the world since the outbreak of the epidemic until yesterday, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources.

More than 61 million 585 thousand and 860 people in the world have contracted the virus, of whom 39 million and 186 thousand and 100 have recovered, at least.

Yesterday, 11,271 deaths and 633,683 new injuries were recorded in the world.

According to the latest data, the countries that recorded the largest number of new deaths are the United States (1410), followed by France (957) and Italy (827).

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, as it recorded 264,866 deaths, out of 13,92,661 injuries, according to the Johns Hopkins University census, and at least four million and 947,446 people were cured.

After the United States comes Brazil as the most affected country, with 171,971 deaths out of six million 238,093 injuries, then India with 136,200 deaths out of nine million and 351,109 injuries, and Mexico, where 104,873 people died out of a million And 90 thousand and 675 injured.


Deaths and 633 thousand new cases of Corona worldwide within 24 hours.

World Health Organization:

Vaccination of 70% of the population is necessary to reduce infection with the virus.

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