José Antonio Santano

(Irun, 1965) will debut in Euskadi the

first coalition government with Podemos, reinforced by EH Bildu's support

for the budgets and which places the PNV in opposition along with the Basque PP.


"progressive and left-wing"


, as highlighted by 'number two' of Podemos in the Basque Country,

David Soto,

which becomes a qualified political experiment in the second most important city of Gipuzkoa and with the most important socialist mayor of the Basque Country .

José Antonio Santano has guaranteed the absolute majority

that neither the ballot box nor the PNV gave him through an unprecedented agreement with Podemos that will result in a

power distribution with three 'purple' councilors with government responsibilities and

a legislative program which will be released in the next few days.

Santano breaks with this agreement endorsed by the leadership of the Socialist Party of Euskadi the

policy of alliances of the Basque Socialists who co-govern with the PNV

in the Executive of Urkullu, the three provincial councils, the three Basque capitals and several smaller towns.

But Santano has planted a

new political playing field

that has allowed him to maintain the mayor's office of Irun in the face of pressure from

Joseba Egibar's


and, already in this legislature, to weave political complicities with Podemos and EH Bildu, parties that were tempted by the nationalists to remove him from the Mayor's Office.

"It is not time for entanglements between parties or for quarrels,"

said the mayor of Irún in the act of presentation of the agreement.

In fact, the two new partners have appealed to the "serious social and economic consequences" caused by the pandemic for argument to strengthen their first budget pact and turn it into this government pact.

Santano, in addition, has denied that during the negotiations with Podemos it was proposed to also incorporate EH Bildu despite the fact that Otegi's party also supported the 2020 budgets with its votes and is predicted as an ally for the rest of the legislature.

The socialist mayor offered the PNV to co-govern at the beginning of the legislature but the group led by Xabier Iridoy chose to stay in the opposition after having tried unsuccessfully to evict Santano from the mayor's office with an alliance with EH Bildu and Podemos.

And it is that Santano has managed to

maintain the mayor of Irun since 2002

despite being a highly coveted political piece by both the PNV and the PNV.

A lawyer by profession, Santano was a

councilor at the age of 18

- the youngest in Spain - in 1983 and became mayor in 2002. From the 2003 elections to those held in 2019, he has been the most voted candidate and managed to be mayor with different formulas of government.

The second city of Gipuzkoa with almost

62,000 inhabitants

has a

large ViaIrun project for urban development and industry

that will be developed on 65,000 square meters of land that is now occupied by the railway facilities.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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