China News Agency, Beijing, November 28. News from Tehran: After the death of Iran’s senior nuclear physicist Mohssin Fakrizade on the 27th local time, all sectors of Iran expressed strong condemnation, and the Iranian military said it would implement “Thunder Retaliation", severely punish the murderer.

  According to the Associated Press, on the 28th local time, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei strongly condemned the killing of Fakrizad through social media and called for “clear punishment” for those behind the scenes.

Khamenei also promised to retaliate and said that the nuclear work carried out by Fakrizad will continue.

  According to Iran's official news agency, Iranian President Rouhani issued a statement on the 28th local time condemning the attack.

Rouhani said that this kind of terrorist action stems from the enemy's ability to face Iran's scientific development and the sense of powerlessness brought about by their successive failures in the region and the world.

Rouhani emphasized that Iran’s enemies must know that the assassination will not only weaken the Iranian people’s determination to accelerate the development of science, but will strengthen Iran.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense will increase its efforts and investment, and fill the gap in Fakrizade through effective deployment.

In addition, he expressed his deep condolences to Fakrizade.

  The Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General and the rotating chairman of the Security Council that month, saying that Iran had "the strongest condemnation" for the assassination of Fakrizade, "I hope the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council strongly condemn this inhuman terrorism. Act and take necessary measures against the perpetrators".

The letter stated that several Iranian "top scientists" were assassinated in the past decade.

"We have conclusive evidence that clearly shows that certain foreign forces are behind these assassinations," and emphasized that "Iran reserves the right to act necessary to protect the interests of the people and its own country."

  Khamenei’s military adviser Hussein Dehan expressed his position on social media, vowing to fight the killer who killed nuclear physicists.

"We will strike at the murderers who killed the martyrs with the momentum of thunder, and we will make them regret their actions!"

  Hussein Salami, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, said: "Assassination of nuclear scientists is the most violent means of confrontation to prevent us from reaching modern science," adding that "severe retaliation and punishment of the perpetrators are on the agenda."

  According to Al Jazeera’s report, Fakrizad was attacked and killed in Iran, which caused intense anger. A large number of people rushed to the streets to protest and demand severe punishment.

  After the attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif called on the international community to "condemn such terrorist acts," and pointed out that "there are obvious signs that Israel has played an important role in this matter."

  Currently, Israel has not yet made an official response to this incident. (Finish)