It was last Saturday that the beating took place.

A surveillance video that is over ten minutes long shows how three policemen use their fists, knees and baton against the music producer Michel Zecler. 

The entire course of events has not been captured on film, but according to Michel Zecler, it was that he did not wear a mouth guard.

Something that also emerged from the police report from the incident, French media reports.

Mouthguards are now mandatory to wear in France with the corona pandemic.

Pushed into the hall

The beating took place in Michel Zecler's music studio on the outskirts of Paris.

He had returned there to get a mouth guard, he tells the page Loopsider.

Zecler is pushed into the hall and held by the police, it appears from the video.

In addition to several minutes of blows and kicks, the police must also have said racist swear words, says Michel Zecler.

The beating stops when people who were in the studio's basement and recorded music come to Michel Zecler's rescue.

They push away the police, who then end up outside the front door.

Suddenly a tear gas canister is thrown in which fills the room with smoke.

When the smoke has settled, it can be seen how all the men are taken out.

Dozens of police officers are outside, according to another video.

Macron: "Unacceptable"

The videos were published at the end of the week, as well as pictures of Zecler's bloody face, and have brought to life the debate on police violence and racism in France.

The police have been temporarily removed from service and are being investigated for racist violence, by both prosecutors and internal investigators.

The police's report against Michel Zecler has been dropped, writes AFP.

President Emmanuel Macron has written in a long Facebook post that the incident is a shame for the country and calls it "unacceptable". 

"France should never allow hatred or racism to flourish," the president wrote.

At the same time, there are protests in France against a new security law, which could make it a crime to spread images of police officers on duty.

- These videos are significant because at first my client was arrested for violence against an official.

The reality is that if we did not have these videos, my client might have been in prison, says Michel Zecler's lawyer, Hafida El Ali to AP.