The Interior Ministry has posted the new certificates to be downloaded online for traveling within a radius of 20 kilometers around his home for three hours.

But while non-essential businesses reopen for the most part this Saturday, this taste of pre-Covid life is not free from rules.

As during the reconfinement, the Ministry of the Interior has posted the certificates to download online to travel during the first stage of the progressive deconfinement, which comes into force on Saturday morning.

Main difference with the old certificates: it is now possible to move within a radius of 20 kilometers around your home for three hours, against a kilometer for an hour previously.  

The certificate is always compulsory

Until at least December 15, the theoretical date of the end of confinement and the establishment of a national curfew, travel certificates will continue to be part of French life.

The Ministry of the Interior has posted on its website the new certificates which list the exceptions to confinement.

As from containment, this document can be downloaded and printed or written on plain paper.

It is also possible to fill it out directly on your smartphone. 

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Sesame for shopping

The certificate is also the key to going shopping, while all "non-essential" businesses - except bars, restaurants, theaters - reopen from this Saturday.

An opening that will necessarily end at 9 p.m. and which is done with a strict protocol.

Sanctions are also provided for the merchant and / or the customer who refuses to comply.

The document is also essential to go to a library, a bookstore, or to do an individual sport outdoors. 

But beware, this first glimpse of a return to pre-Covid life is not a synonym of a complete return of freedoms of movement: it is still forbidden to leave your home without a valid reason and without a mask.

Failure to meet these conditions always costs 135 euros to violators. 

>> The link to download the exceptional travel certificate:

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>> The link to download the proof of business trip:

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>> The link to download the proof of school trip:

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