Frankfurt (Oder) (dpa) - On the border with Poland in Frankfurt (Oder), numerous opponents of the corona restrictions are expected at a demonstration today.

Under the motto “Together we set an example for peace and freedom”, the initiative “lateral thinking” from Duisburg (1 p.m.) is planning a rally with anti-corona opponents from Germany and Poland.

According to the police, 1,500 participants are registered.

They want to protest in the square below the Oder bridge.

Michael Ballweg, founder of “lateral thinking” from Stuttgart, has been announced as the speaker.

The officials are preparing with a large contingent for the demonstration on the border with Poland.

The officers are supported by riot police and the federal police.

According to the police, two counter-demonstrations have been registered so far, including one under the motto "Masked ball instead of corona deniers" with up to 150 participants.


For several months, opponents and proponents of drastic protective measures in the corona pandemic have faced each other, sometimes irreconcilably.

The police said on Friday that there was the legally protected right to hold meetings - this could be used with minor restrictions without violating the law.

In Leipzig, a demonstration of the “lateral thinking” initiative got out of hand on November 7th.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated close together without a mask and did not comply with the Corona requirements.

Announcement of the "lateral thinking" demo on Facebook