Young people make bold decisions.

Charlotta Avellan, 34, and Teemu Muhonen, 31, did so during late summer and fall.

Together with their acquaintance Janne Keränen, they each bought a 10 per cent stake in Hyrynsalmi Ukkohalla's ski slope center and moved to Ukkohalla.

At the same time, the operational responsibility of running the company for new entrepreneurs.

- I knew Ukkohalla potential well, since I've been here seven through work, three of which the slope manager.

Admittedly, last winter was missed.

Compared to many other ski resorts, I knew what to expect here, says Teemu Muhonen, who started as the company's CEO at the beginning of November.

Ukkohalla also had a familiar place to Charlotta Avellan, who runs the slope center.

The cable wakeboard track built for the Syväjärvi in ​​the slope center last year played a significant role in the couple's finding second.

- I do wakeboarding, and I had been here on the track for several summers.

Now we have been together for something like 4-5 years, Avellan says.

New home in the ski slope

The home in Espoo was changed to a cottage bought from the area, from the terrace of which you can watch the hustle and bustle of the slopes rising on the opposite shore of Lake Syväjärvi.

- It was a big decision to go here.

And especially in this world situation.

When you are an entrepreneur yourself, you can’t resign and go elsewhere.

On the other hand when I am on maternity leave now, this decision was to be made before the child is the time to go to school, Charlotta says.

Along with the couple, the migration loss Hyrynsalmi received confirmation for the municipality's younger age groups.

A 3-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old baby boy from a fresh business family traveled to Kainuu.

- We have been very well received here as a family.

We have received excellent service everywhere.

Even when I was here with Teemu after the birth of my first child, we were offered a family caregiver from the municipality to help two hours a week so that I could get into my own hobbies for a while.

It was a really big help when we didn’t have a support network of our own family in the community, says Charlotta Avellan, who is on parental leave from her regular job.

According to the couple, they have been well received in Kainuu. Photo: Miska Puumala

The corona situation suspended slope operations in the middle of the season last spring.

Even now, there’s a bit of a fear in the sweater that’s going to happen as the disease situation gets worse, but the snow cannons are roaring down the slope and the opening weekend is planned.

- The Independence Day region is the time when efforts have been made to open the slopes in Ukkohalla.

Sometimes it’s time to go downhill a little earlier, sometimes later.

Due to Korona, it is unnecessary to wait for foreign guests on the winter snow.

However, with the exception of “Russian weeks”, tourism in Kainuu has been largely based on domestic family tourists.

- Fortunately, we are not entirely dependent on foreigners.

That 10-day Russian season at the turn of the year will be missed by us this year, but hopefully domestic tourists will find a large number of slopes.

A lot of new accommodation has been built here in recent years, so the situation is good in that respect, Teemu Muhonen estimates.

Currently, the crown situation in Hyrynsalmi is excellent.

It is one of the last municipalities where not a single case is known.

- Here in Hyrynsalmi there is a lot of space and a safe feeling.

You don't have to think all the time, like in Espoo, whether you dare to go there and do this, the couple ponders.

A major challenge for ski resorts across the country is the development of summer tourism.

Fresh entrepreneurs firmly believe that it is worth coming to Ukkohalla in the summer time as well.

- The wakeboard track is a good and important summer activity, but the water ski track is not a gold mine.

On the track, you can do much the same tricks in summer as on the slopes in winter.

Young people should just take it, Teemu says.

- When more cables have come to Finland, there will be more enthusiasts than before.

For Europeans, this Ukkohalla is a unique place to practice.

Here we are so in the middle of nature, Charlotta is considering the possibilities of the species as a summer attraction.

Ukkohalla is expected to open the season.

The worsening of the corona situation in different parts of the country makes entrepreneurs think. Photo: Miska Puumala

Mountain biking has been a rising hit last summer.

- The municipality of Hyrynsalmi has built a really good route network in the area.

It is a species for which Ukkohalla offers great opportunities.

With the popularity of downhill driving, we will also try running a bike lift in the summer, at least on some weekends, Teemu promises.

But before the summer, enjoy the winter in Kainuu.

Hyrynsalmi is a place where there is no need to worry about running out of snow.

There is plenty to do in the winter for the whole family, although not everyone with skis or a board on the 15 slopes of the center is comfortable.

- There must be enough snow here.

It is quite normal for snow to be over a meter.

The hillside season continues over Easter, and there is a good network of trails in the area.

Personally, I am not a snowmobile man, but the snowmobile routes are also in order, Teemu Muhonen assures.

One thing is for sure.

The swan doesn't have to be.

- It has been prepared for that you have to do a long day at the beginning.

There is definitely enough work to be done, the entrepreneur couple who have returned to Ukkohalla admit.