Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - Wuerttemberg amateur handball should start playing again at the beginning of February.

The delegates decided on Saturday at the virtual association day of the handball association Württemberg (HVW) with a large majority.

Because of the corona crisis, the HVW suspended game operations from the fifth division downwards at the end of October after the first three game days.

The season will start on the weekend of 6/7 at the earliest.

February continued with the fourth matchday in the second half of the season, if the situation with corona infections allows, the HVW announced.

Instead of the first three second round matches, the first three game days of the preliminary round that have already been played count.

The remaining first round matches will be canceled.

Each game in a league is played only once.

At the 34th day of the association, President Hans Artschwager was re-elected for a further three years.

He is entering his fifth term in office.

At the same time, Artschwager declared that he would no longer run for office.


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