The ruling and opposition parties fought against Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae's disciplinary claim and job exclusion from Justice Minister Yoon Seok-yeol.

In addition, the Democratic Party criticized the people's strength, saying that they could not find the number of bungees properly over the one-man protests in front of the Blue House, and that the judges should go to Seocho-dong where the document was created. He repeatedly pressured President Moon to express his position and accept the ruling party's investigation into the state politics, asking whether he allowed it.

Democratic Party spokesman Kang Seon-woo said at a briefing today (28th), "The prosecution was conducted by the prosecution, but the protest went to the Blue House."

Also, regarding the visit to the protest site, Kim Jong-in, Chairman of the People's Power of the People's Forces, said, "If you are seriously worried about the severe corona spread, it is right to hold back home."

Even though Chairman Kim wrote that he was disgusting with Minister Chu, he said, "It will be more disgusting for the people to see the successive culmination of the people's power."

The power of the people, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the BDP chairman, met with the first elections during a one-person demonstration in front of the Blue House and said, "I think that President Moon Jae-in has not allowed it implicitly in advance." "I said.

He then raised the level of criticism, saying, "Chu's actions are not convinced by common sense of ordinary people. It is common for the public to turn on the TV and watch Minister Chu's appearance and become very disgusted."

In a commentary, spokesman Kim Ye-ryeong, the power of the people, pressed the ruling party to accept the state politics investigation, saying, "Right and opposition parties should discuss whether or not to invoke the right to investigate the state politics."

(Photo = Yonhap News)