Orgasm doesn’t always work out, and it’s all about the ocean.

Orgasm experiences are also always very individual.

However, coming to orgasm can be tempting.

We’ve listed 5 hot tips for women that can lure orgasms out - and some of these are for men as well.

Try it today!

1. Caressing the clitoris sideways

Oral sex is a great way for many women to have an orgasm.

  • If you are a party having oral sex, lie down.

  • If you are a giving partner, sit transversely instead of being traditionally between your partner’s legs, and stimulate the clitoris at the mouth sideways.

    So you approach the clitoris from the side, not from below.

  • The position can be varied.

This method has been claimed to make oral sex orgasms more insightful and possibly even easier.

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2. Clitoral quarantine!

  • Leave the clitoris alone for an entire month.

  • At that time, explore other erogenous areas of the body.

    They are the points whose touch produces sexual pleasure.

  • Touching the clitoris during a break is yes, as long as it is not stimulated until you have an orgasm.

The purpose of the pause is to explore your own pleasure and learn to get orgasms in ways other than just focusing on your clitoris.

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Performing is worth forgetting in all sex! Photo: Colorbox

3. Solo sex alone and together

This tip comes from the reader.

- I am agreed with the partner that if the job does not complete successfully, activate the interrupt.

After all, the place in it will eventually hurt if you hang out for a very long time.

Usually then we masturbate side by side.

It actually works really well.

Both end up usually getting.

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- First learning for myself what feels good, then with a partner and also teaching him, another reader says.

Knowing yourself is, he says, “that basic thing”.

Solo sex is a great way to get to know your own pleasure and body.

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4. Casually and alternating with multiple earthquakes

A stress-free and leisurely mood improves your chances of having multiple orgasms.

  • Awaken desire properly and in complete peace.

  • Try to produce a second orgasm by different means than the first.

  • For example, a lighter or more indirect caress of the clitoris and / or a change in rhythm, degree, or position may produce a nice variety of sensations compared to the first round.

It is individual how long it takes for the clitoris to be caressed again.

Some recover in seconds, others take much longer.

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    Try a sex therapist’s tips

5. On the brink of the abyss

Going to the brink of orgasm is one way.

The partner arouses another to the limit of orgasm and takes a break just before triggering.

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