The builder's'abrupt behavior' that has taken over a construction site in the UK is drawing attention online.

On the 25th of the local time, foreign media such as The Sun of England reported that a building contractor who recently built a house without hesitation to damage the building he constructed himself spreads and became a hot topic.

The video posted on social media featured a man climbing on an iron scaffold and breaking the exterior wall of a building with a hammer.

Colleagues who saw this shouted, "Tony, leave the building alone," but a man named'Tony' unwillingly torn apart the broken exterior wall.

Next, another man in a vest with the logo of the builder approached Tony and began to appease him, saying, "Please calm down."

But Tony shouted, "I'm suing you," and then moved aside and started breaking other walls as well.

After a while, the words "because I didn't get paid" came out among those who watched.

It was part of the reason for Tony's sudden behavior.

Eventually, the man who persuaded Tony told the people, "Stop watching and call the damn police."

Tony came off the scaffold only after messing up the distant building.

The building company, whose logo was exposed on the SNS video, told the local media, "The place where the incident occurred is the site where our company was in charge of construction," and said, "The employee in the video is not our company. It is a subcontractor employee." I did.

The netizens who watched the video said, "If I had paid the wages to an employee named Tony properly, this would not have happened", "If I could not get the money anyway, the country would have done the same", "Especially in the construction industry, there are many wage-related problems It is the same."

In the UK, last year, an unpaid builder destroyed five finished homes with a miner.

He was sentenced to four years in prison for inflicting damage to property of £1 million (about 1.5 billion won), who played loud music and videotaped his house breaking down.

Another builder was sentenced to five years and four months in prison after driving a small miner into the front door of the hotel he constructed for the same reason last year.

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(Photo ='fattdann' TikTok,'The Sun' YouTube)